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  1. Hey there, I'm heading down to Perth and sailing up to Bali over a period of 3 months on a private vessel and decided I need to bring my DSLR down under. I've got my 5D III and all the lenses so now I am just looking into housings/arms/lights. I'm opting for a Ikelite housing as I can't afford an aluminum housing and therefore I've been looking at the DS 161 system for lights. Photography is my main focus, but video is obviously there and I might as well utilize it. Is there another light system that operates both as a video light and a strobe with similar power output in the same (or lower) price range that I should be looking at? I can't seem to find much else! The ease of using TTL with the ikelite system is enticing so I am leaning towards a set up with 2 DS 161's. Let me know if there's a better option that I haven't seen yet, Shane
  2. So now I'm beginning to contemplate saying screw it to the 7D and going for a 5D III ! Part of the reason being the new ikelite 5DIII housing is only 5.4 pounds which is perfect and I do like the idea of being able to see into the housing pre-dive. Does anyone here have any experience with the leak sentinel first hand? Also, would drilling the housing for the leak sentinel void the warranty from ikelite?! It sounds like it could! The price would be about the same if I got the 7D and got an aluminum housing so it doesn't look like that would make much sense in the end, and the new AF system and low light quality would be fabulous too Shane
  3. Would the hugyfot be compatible with other ports and strobes with TTL? I called tackle shack and it was 2600 euros without any ports or anything, aside from the hugycheck system of course. The guy quoted me 1700 euros for the fisheye port with a focusing system which to be quite frank is absolutely ridiculous! There already without any lights, TTL connections or arms it's already at 4300 euros and I'm not sure I'm ready to invest that kind of money into a housing just yet. The phone cut out when he was talking about the TTL connections and strobes so I don't have an idea about price or compatibility. Thanks everybody for your help!
  4. I might try over exposing one to two thirds of a stop to get good highlights and then pull out the shadows more in post to get a strong contrast with less noise. Don't shoot monochrome on a DSLR, convert it. Oh, and learn to imagine things in black and white!
  5. Thanks for your input guys! Actually i was looking at the Hugyfot housing for the 7D but can't find a North American dealer which is discouraging, any help there? Does anyone have any experience with this housing as well because I do like the looks of it, but are all the controls there (including the joystick?)
  6. Hey there I'm looking to purchase my first underwater housing and I've got a couple questions. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Nimar housing and what they think of it? I know many people have used the ikelite and it's fairly good for the price point, just a bit heavy and bulky. The Nimar is a little bit lighter, and a little cheaper too so my interest has been sparked. Techinically I do have the money to buy a machined aluminum housing but I feel like for the price point a polycarbonate housing is the way to go; especially until I can make some money with it. One of my friends let me shoot his D7000 around Malapascua island a bit and got me hooked but his ikelite housing wouldn't actually communicate with his YS-110a's, is there any reason for that? Finally, would TTL metering work with the Nimar with YS-110a strobes or others? Thanks, Shane
  7. Jak what combo of arm lengths and joints would work best, I'm just looking into all this for the first time now. I'll be shooting in the PNW so I figure the closer the light can get, probably the better.
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