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  1. Ciao.

    First of all, excused my English bad one.

    I would want to buy one small (it’s fundamental) camcorder with its underwater housing.

    I have thought to the old miniDV of the JVC, because they have a underwater housing to they dedicated made from the same manufacturer and because I think, than being obsolete, costs a little less.

    I do not know the technical characteristics of the camcorder and I do not know which to buy, I would appreciate a your council. Models JVC in issue are:

    • GR-D90, GRpD70, GR-D50 with underwater housing WR-D70;

    • GR-DVX4/DVX7/DVX40/DVX70/DVM50/DVM70 of the year 2000, with underwater housing WR-DV47;

    • GR-DVX44/DVX48/DVX49/DVX77/DVX78/DVX88/DVM55/DVM75 of the year 2001, with underwater housing WR-DV75;

    • GR-DVX8/DVX9/DVX10/DVX80/DVX90/DVM80/DVM90 of the year 2000, with underwater housing WR-DV89;

    • GR-DVM76/96, with underwater housing WR-DV96

    • GR-DVP1/DVP3 of the year 2001, with underwater housing WR-DVP3.

    • GR-D90, GRpD70, GR-D50, with underwater housing WR-DVP7;

    • DX25, DX300, DX35, DX45, DX55, DX95, with underwater housing WR-DX95;

    There would be pleasing even if you advised to me:

    • where I can buy it online, also used;

    • a good camcorder of other constructors with relative underwater housing (not expensive!).

    Thanks to anyone have want to answer to me.

  2. I wanted to buy one small camcorder, and I had thought to one of the Sanyo Xacti, with underwater housing Epoque, but then I have seen as also the camera Casio Exilim Card EX S600, (equipped of underwater housing Casio EWC-60) records movies in mpeg4 in modality "HQ 640x480"a 30fts, and with the exception of some Xacti older has the stabilizer of image (Anti Shake DSP)

    Now, which it is the difference between the camera Casio and camcorder the Sanyo, as far as the modalities and quality of the recording of the video?

    Also the difference of price between the two, I do not know myself to decide which to acquire.

    Thanks to anyone want to help me.

  3. Hi,

    I would want to construct something of similar to Samsung VPM-110XL that is equipped of external sensor CCD from 350k pixel, so as to to carry all under water.

    I would want to know:

    1. I can even construct this camcorder (without pretensions) using a sensor external CDD connected with a thread to that you record the video clips, in format MPEG4?

    2. I can only connect it to a camcorder or can go a Portable Media Center well?

    3. If I must use a camcorder necessarily, I would want to buy one little expensive, to which advised me?

    4. The format MPEG4 is advanced or inferior, as audio and video quality, to the miniDV?

    Thanks to all.

  4. Finally I had decided myself to buy one Canon Power Shot S1 IS, to use also underwater with its UW case.

    From what they are successful to understand, documenting to me on Internet, is considered one good camera, although its 3,2 Mega-pixel, not only for the photos, but also for the possibility to make of the long movie clips, (contrarily to the other Canon). It would give the possibility to me to make film 30 to fts second, and moreover, thanks from the presence of the optical stabilizer, these, if I have very understood, would not turn out movements.

    I very well know that more the use would be indicated than mini DV, but video camera, and above all guard, costs too much, and then I would not have the possibility to make beautiful photos.

    Today all this is collapsed. I have spoken with a person who after to have held it for two months, it has sold it. It has said to me that on ten photos (not only underwater) only two or three were good, and the purchase has warmly adviced against me.

    I do not know more than to make, you would give one hand to me to understand something to us. Moreover I would want to know the difference between the Compact Flash I and II and the High-Speed Compact Flash.


  5. Why does not exist a UW case for Panasonic DMC-FX7?

    I wanted to buy the camera and the UW because it has the image stabilization, in how much I would want to make also of the movies clips.

    You are to acquaintance of whom it can help me, to make or to find the UW case? I already know digideep.com and the possibility to use the D-CP1 of Ewa-Marine, but it does not interest to me.

    I can hope to find, in the immediate future, something of similar to DMC FX with UW?

    In alternative, I had thought next to the Canon Power Shot S1 IS, with its UW WP DC20 or to the A95 with WP-DC50. How they are these cameras? And still, with their UW houses it is possible to use the manual control?


  6. Dear all,

    I am a neophyte and understands little of photo.

    I wanted to buy a digital camera them in order to try to me in the video, but they have said to me that they are of low quality and they last little minutes, and have advised to me mini DV. Therefore I would want to buy it but I do not know just which to choose.

    I have however of the priorities:

    All, mini DV and UW case must cost little.

    It must be small, in how much I must mount it on my speargun.

    I had thought next to JVC GR-DVP3, or Sony DCR-PC5 but is not more in commerce. If I succeed to find one of the two used, even with relative guard, it is worth the pain buying them?

    Thanks to anyone want to answer to me and to help me in the choice.

  7. Dear all

    I make excuses myself in the first place for my English.

    I would want to buy a digital camera compact them in order to make underwater photo and video, therefore it serves me with relative underwater case.

    I would be oriented to buy the Canon S60, because to how much I have seen is considered one of the best ones, but have a problem with the duration of the video clips. I explain myself better. Me it has been said, from Canon Italy, than the S60 it can only make three minutes of formed resumption 640x480 (is the top quality video? for 30fps what it is?), independently from the employed memory, 256-512 Mb is it or 1Gb; it would change only the amount of the video ones, not their temporal length. While, to said of the Service Sony Consumers, with the T1 the things change, with 256Mb I would have until ninety useful minutes of continuous resumption, and the double quantity if you used the 512.

    True how much me has been said from the Sony, like is possible that there are such differences between the two firm? Resolutions to explain it to me in comprehensible terms for a neophyte like me?

    To the end, which machine advised to me?

    Thanks to anyone want to answer to me.

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