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  1. Did you buy your ticket in advance or did you buy when you got there? I'm going to Dili on Sept 1 but have had problems purchasing a tkt in advance. So far I'm rolling the dice hoping the plane isn't full when I get there
  2. That's the right price. I just can't see paying WWDS $500 for one passenger. I've tried everything to book it and I'm down to paying that price which I can't really afford or wait until I arrive the day before, which is dangerous and could turn out to be just as expensive
  3. Thanks Dangerzone, I also asked WWDS and they are double the price of what the airline charges, I understand they have to make money but that seems excessive
  4. I went to raja in feb of this year and they weighed both my checked and carry on. My dslr bag was much heavier than allowed and she told me I had to check it. I told her all photo equipment and she got her supervisor who tagged it that it was approved overweight carry on. From that point (San Francisco intl.) no one weighed carry on, although I did see some people's looked at for size/weight on the domestic flights.
  5. Does anyone have a recommendation to book domestic flight from Bali to Timor Leste, I have tried Merpati's site and it doesn't seem possible to book from the US without using a travel agent. Chavala, which dates are you going? I'm on the sept 3-13 trip
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