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  1. Hi, Here's a recent music promo I shot for Sam Romans, a London based producer signed to Roc Nation. The track is called "Uh Huh" and the promo largely takes place underwater featuring lots of upside down running shot on a Phantom Flex 4K in a Hydroflex Remote Aquacam. Apart from the location work, this was all shot at The Underwater Studio just outside of London. Thanks!
  2. Wasn't too bad actually, Arri took care of the shipping, we just picked it up from a local rental company. The Hawks were on the whole great! The guys really loved the 100mm (they'd been using it a lot for their topside work) and were super keen to use it underwater - we used it with a flat port so no diopter for that one and 3 inch extenstion tube, it was so long! Made the front really bouyant so attached weights under the skids and around the port. The wider shots were I think on a 40mm lens with a diopter 1 as our subject was relatively close in foreground.
  3. Here's a quick trailer for a short film I'm working on in collaboration with DP Ahmet Huseyin and a company called Future Deluxe. It's called Collision and features Kate Braithwaite as the diver. Housing as usual was a Hydroflex Remote Aquacam mk5 with an Alexa XT and Panavision C Series Anamorphic Lenses. All shot at the Underwater Studio in Basildon. Please maximise the small vimeo window (that is created automatically) for best viewing. Hope you like it!
  4. Hi, we used an Oceans Technology Through-Water Communications System (comprising STX-101 Surface Unit and 4 x listen only units that clipped onto mask straps for myself, the person being filmed and 2 x safety divers)
  5. Just got back from Iceland, my first time taking the Hydroflex out in open water. Was interesting bringing a feature style of shooting (ie tethered to a boat with monitoring, a focus puller, power etc running to the camera) to an open water/documentary type situation but it worked well. The camera was an Alexa XT with Hawk anamorphic lenses. The location was the stunning Silfra Fissure where the tectonic plates of America and Europe meet. Despite the cold water conditions (2C / 35F) both camera and housing performed flawlessly. Have attached some pics and will post the full piece when it's published. Cheers
  6. Hi, Just thought I'd post a recent music video I shot underwater sequences for for UK hip hop artist DELS. It was the first time I'd shot using anamorphic lenses underwater - we had Kowa Anamorphics on an Alexa XT in a hydroflex housing. Not sure how to post video here but if anyone is interested, the promo as well as a description of the considerations for shooting anamorphic underwater plus a lens test with the Kowas is here: http://marine.camera/underwater-filming-resources/shooting-underwater/anamorphic-underwater/ Cheers! Sam
  7. Hi all, Embargo has been lifted on a couple of still images I shot whilst filming for some live visuals for a track from Coldplay's new album "Ghost Stories" so i thought I'd share them here. A live performance on a specially constructed stage surrounded on all sides and above by screens was shot for a TV special to promote the album - the trailer is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoR6wFmSryc The shoot was used for "Another's Arms" and comprised part of a series of live visuals for the show directed by Bison (http://wearebison.com) for Academy Films (http://academy-plus.com/). It was shot at Action Underwater Studios in Essex (http://www.actionunderwaterstudios.com/) Anyone interested in the kit used for shooting the footage, it was a Phantom Flex in a Hydroflex Remote AquaCam, pics here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52397 I'll try and post pics of the lighting set up once I've had a dig through those pics but it basically consisted of big mixed sources above water (two tungsten mole beams and an 18k HMI) with a couple of daylight hydropars as a hard fill underneath. Hope you like the pics! Sam
  8. Anyone interested in the set up, it's as follows: - Hydroflex RAC housing - Phantom Flex High Speed Camera - Cooke S4 primes - Master diopter set - C-Motion lens control With the following customisations: - Camera had additional breakout box for a 3 pin XLR power input. This provided voltage indicator as well as two 12v d-tap and 2 RS 24v connections - D-tap to 2 pin lemo connector to allow the underwater monitor to connect to the breakout box d-tap. This meant that rather than being powered by onboard batteries, the whole unit could be powered by block batteries on the surface saving time surfacing the housing to change onboards. On the surface, there was a y cord for power to allow block hotswapping - Adapter cables to allow the C-motion LCS to be used
  9. Prepping today at Arri London with the Phantom Flex - a couple of custom cables aside, it worked pretty well!
  10. Nice! Quick question - I am pretty familiar with the Remote Aquacam with Alexa/Epic but have a shoot with a Phantom Flex/Hydroflex RAC coming up - if you or anyone here has experience with this set up, I'd appreciate any tips or "gotchas" I need to be aware of. Sam ...And also bouyancy tips! I've heard of people putting a magliner inner tube around the port hood to overcome front heavy bouyancy characteristics... Thanks! Sam
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