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  1. Looking for a lightly used Nauticam N100 30 extension ring. (NA-37401) Prefer if includes box. I’m located in SoFL Thanks for looking - Chip
  2. One more, check out Roberta’s Scuba Shack. She’s been on island for 22 years and has a great team. 3 small fast boats and is located by the Intl Cruise Pier, which is close to the better dive sites. They also keep nitrox and 100s at the office; no 24 hr notice needed if you want to dive with either. Over 80% of their business is repeat year after year. Great service!
  3. Put me down for the ScubaPro Seawing Novas. I’ve had them since they came out and I love them! Good blend of ease of movement with power for strong currents. As a note, they did finally succumb to the potential split in the joint. Again, that’s after ~10+ years of countless weekly dives. No worries - they have a lifetime warranty. A new pair is on the way as replacements!
  4. I used my Tokina 10-17 on a Canon APS-C with a Zen 4” dome for well over a decade. Loved the small size with nice image quality. I’ve switched to FF and now use an 8-15 and a Nauticam 4” dome. As I typically am at f/11 or f/13 I find very the corners to be perfectly acceptable, even when printed. I also found the lens quality of the Nikon or Canon 8-15 to be much better on a FF than the Tokina. If it’s in your budget, that might be the best of both worlds - small size and great images quality.
  5. Wolfgang is correct - Canon will not allow the RF tech to be used in adaptors. They are even blocking their 3rd party partners from making RF autofocus lenses. I have used and owned both the EF 100 with an adapter on the Sony as well as the Sony 90. There is no realistic difference in focus speed or image quality. The Sony 90 makes more sense as it is a native system with a less expensive port system connecting to the Nauticam housing. I spent many hours in Reef Photo trying different options and was even on the trip with Alex when he was trying the Sony system for his article. I had similar concerns regarding editing the 61MP file sizes. In reality, 61 on the Sony vs. 45 on the Canon R5 is relatively similar. Unfortunately there will come a time one’s personal computer system may need to be upgraded to handle newer files. That will always be the case. Perhaps the new camera can be purchased now, knowing you will need to invest shortly in a new computer if you are not happy with the speed. A huge key to editing is using an external SSD drive to hold your photos. This is significantly faster than an external platter drive and keeps your internal hard drive freed up for faster operations. In the end, there is no “right” system. They are all good. It is which is the right system for your needs and your personal taste. All the modern cameras are fantastic, but there will be a learning curve with anything new. Once the research is done, you just need to buy the one you want, not what others tell you to buy. I had my last APS-C for 13 years. I always looked at newer systems, but I made wonderful images with what I had as well. Enjoy whatever you get!
  6. Hi Susa - I normally use Canon and have had a Canon R5 for some time for land / portrait photography. With that said, when I upgraded my underwater system I went with the Sony a7RIV, and now the a1. The reason is the Nauticam underwater optics. They take a normally mediocre lens such as the Sony 28-60 and turn it into an extremely sharp, wide angle view with zoom. It is a great choice for close focus wide angle, fish portraits, or anything in between. They are especially impressive in the corners when compared to a significantly larger dome. I currently have the Nauticam WWL-1B and it is terrific! The new WACP-C is slightly better at about the same size. When I looked to put my Canon R5 in a housing, I found the housing larger than the Sony option and there is no real support for the smaller underwater optics such as the WWL or WACP-C. The Sony 90 macro is also extremely sharp, even if the focus speed is a little slower. While I prefer the Canon colors, I have been very happy with the newer Sony bodies underwater. You may want to take a look.
  7. I’ve bought a housing, ports, etc. from Phil. All have been top-quality, well cared for, and at a fair price. Buy with confidence!
  8. I’ve bought a housing, ports, etc. from Phil. All have been top-quality, well cared for, and at a fair price. Buy with confidence!
  9. The quintessential fisheye kit for a Canon or Sony (with added adapter) APS-C system!
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