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  1. UPDATED PRICE: $1495 obo via PayPal Buyer pays actual shipping Located in South Florida for local pickup
  2. I am selling my Brand New, Never Used Sea & Sea YS-D1. I acquired it new a while back, but never used it. It has been sitting in the closet so now it's time for it to go to someone that will use it. Price: $325 via PayPal F&F (Pls add 3% for regular PayPal) Shipping to the US Lower 48 States is included Located in South Florida Please see the images. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
  3. I have recently upgraded my underwater system. As such, my trusty companion of several years must find a new home. I purchased the components new through Reef Photo. The system is used, but I have taken meticulous care of it including keeping it in its own hard sided carry box on the boats and a warm water soak and cleaning/greasing the O-Rings at the end of every day of diving. There are no marks or chips I can find on the port glass. There has never been a single leak in any part of the system. The camera body and lens work flawlessly. Strobes can be fired either via fiber optic cables (not included) or the included bulkhead and dual sync cable. (Note: Strobes are not included, but I also have a brand new, never used, Sea and Sea YS-D1 for sale separately.) The camera is the rock solid Canon T2i. It is one of the smallest APS-C DSLRs that was made. I bought it specifically for its tiny size and ability to make wonderful images along with 4K video. The lens is the Canon 18-55 IS. It is a great mid zoom lens with a FF equivalent of 28-88mm. It very useful for reefscapes, fish portraits, and tight zoom images in the same dive. When I say it is a complete system, I mean complete! The new owner will have everything they need to jump in and make some great images! System Includes: Nauticam NA-550 Housing (17302) Nauticam Compact Base Port (18211) Nauticam Port 15 (18303) Nauticam C1855IS-z Zoom Gear for Canon 18-55 lens (19532) Nauticam Ikelite ICS Bulkhead w Canon Hotshoe (25022) Ikelite Dual Sync Cord (4118.2) Nauticam Mounting Ball for Inon (25514) Canon T2i Body Canon 18-55 IS Lens 2 Canon OEM batteries and Canon Charger O-Rings and appropriate grease Please see the attached images for details. Let me know if you have any questions. PRICE: $1695 obo via PayPal Buyer pays actual shipping Located in South Florida for local pickup Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi all, I am looking to most likely purchase an a7Riv in a Nauticam rig using the WWL-1B lens. While stills are my primary focus, a little video for a hybrid solution would be good. I see the Riv only does 30 fps in 4K. What is the feedback from those who have tried some video with this body? Please be as detailed as you wish. Any tips and real-world experiences are much appreciated. Thanks in advance! Chip
  5. Great suggestion - will ask in the video group. Thanks!
  6. Does anyone use the a7Riv for video in deeper water? (i.e. 60' or more). From what I have read, video is the Riv's weakness. While there is no 4K/60 FPS, does anyone do 4K/30 FPS or 1080/60FPS? How does it turn out? Still photo is still my priority, but a little video would be nice as well.
  7. Very interesting! Thanks for the good info. Christmas is coming...maybe a new viewfinder??
  8. I am historically a Canon person and love the new RF glass. The water contact lens versatility with just the 28-60, and the strong praise from so many, has me leaning towards the Riv.
  9. Good points. That's been one of the driving forces to keep the Riv in the running. That and the water contact lens, which seems to be a do it all zoom. I just wish the Riv had better video abilities.
  10. Thanks Chris for sharing - good info. Funny, I tried the 45 years ago and just could not get used to the angle idea, although I can see what it would be perfect for macro. Always an adventure!
  11. More good insight - thank you! I kind of figured that about the Tokina vs the WWL. I wonder if I would really miss the fisheye vs 130 FoV? Any thoughts on that? I saw the a7iv release rumors. Honestly, while giving up substantially in the crop-mode, I like the idea of a more manageable 33MP than the whopping 61MP of the Riv. I was hoping it would match with the Riv housing, but it does not look to be the case. Can the 7sIII work at all in an Riv housing? (I know NC says no) Investing in an A1 with the complete housing kit is out of my budget.
  12. One other question Phil - have you had any issues with chromatic aberration with the 28-60 / WWL-1B?
  13. Hi Phil - thank you so much for the incredibly detailed and valuable information!! I have read your reviews on the water contact lenses. Just because I have not seen them as much on the boats does not mean they are not the better route. From all you have said, as well as Alex Mustard, this seems to be a new way of making much sharper images! Count me as an older dog needing to embrace new technology. The size of the Sony Riv with the 28-60/WWL-1B is very compelling, especially when considering travel. Yet another very interesting piece of real-world info you shared is regarding the use of crop-mode. While I had considered it with my current Tokina 10-17, I never put it together with the 28-60 for extra reach for even more versatility. Honestly, this sounds like it would cover about 95% of my needs, if not more, aside from serious macro. After all, a 26MP image is extremely valuable. The same could be done with the R5, but that drops the res down to just shy of 18MP. Again useful, but more limiting if a larger acrylic print is desired. I am finding very lightly used Riv's for about $2400. Certainly a stronger point over the R5 price, even in the lightly used arena. Even the Nauticam housing for the Riv is less than the R5. Again, a compelling consideration. Speaking of macro, have you tried the Canon EF 100 f/2.8 L macro vs. the Sony 90 on a Sony body? I wonder if the EF 100 would be a faster focus than the older Sony 90. Other question - are you finding an external viewfinder useful with a mirrorless FF? I have a Nauticam 180 viewfinder that I can transfer over from my current rig. Not sure if it will be as needed as it is on a DSLR. Thanks again for all you do for us in the UW world! I am extremely grateful for your experience and insight.
  14. Great experience info - thanks! I am hearing more people talk about the WWL-1B and are happy with the performance. Just a newer technology I need to wrap my head around. Thanks agian!
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