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  1. Hi Drew, I haven't seen any of the Shark week programs, but I know that programs regularly go for the "shock treatment," scaring the audience by making sharks out to be swimming eating machines... Let's hope that more programs see the light and show sharks for the amazing creatures that they really are!
  2. Hi Xander, Congrats on the rig! Several months ago I wanted to try exactly the same thing, only fired from the camera's flash... Unfortunately, I soon realized that the on-board flash wasn't strong enough and didn't have a large enough light area. Anyway, last week I finally picked up a strobe, so maybe one day I'll pick up the project again
  3. ...when the highlight of your entire weekend, was finding and shooting a 'new' 1/2inch Nudibranch!
  4. Thank you Chile, I'm glad to hear that it blocks the flash- was worried about backscatter... I agree, it is a bit pricey, but at least it's a better-looking solution than velcro
  5. Has anyone used this setup? It looks like a very elegant way to connect a fibre optic cable to the Ike housing, but I'm concerned that it wouldn't block all of the light from the camera's flash... Any comments? Chris
  6. Hi everyone! My name's Chris and I'm from Cape Town, South Africa
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