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  1. Thanks guys, Guess I should have mentioned. This was D7000 in Nauticam housing, 60mm macro with a single S&S YS-D1. I definitely agree that I should have played with the aperture to narrow the depth of field but you no how it is when you're making a quick call in the heat of the moment. I do like the vignette option and will play with that to see what I can do. Thanks again, Erin
  2. So I'm just back from an incredible trip to Thailand and was somewhat please with my results but none of them are quite what I was hoping for. I have several shots I'd like a little feedback on but I'll stick with the original guidelines and start with a single image. Always thought the Mantis Shrimp was pretty cool and got a couple decent shots. I think this is probably my favorite. Wish I'd been able to isolate him a little more from the gravel in the foreground. unfortunately I wasn't able to prevent all the backscatter though I was able to eliminate some of it in post. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. -Erin
  3. Same here, kindle on iPad, nice and portable
  4. Another vote for the Edge's book. One thing I'd recommend there is that if you travel pic up the ebook version. The hard copy is an excellent book but too heavy to travel with, so I found myself buying it twice, once in hard copy and one e-book. In my opinion, electronic is definitely the way to go on this one.
  5. Thank you both. I've done a ton of reading lately and been practicing in the pool a bit lately and realize now the combination of depth, somewhat limited visibility and natural light was just a recipe for disaster. Bums me out, but looking forward to Thailand this November, 5 days on the LOB, I'm bound to get at least 1 decent image...? Back to the pool for some practice shots...
  6. Crappy thing is my housing never came with one...feeling likevI got ripped off here.
  7. Thanks Adam I've actually already read that one, good stuff. I just wish I could find the freaking nauticam handle, I have a nauticam housing NA-D7000V but no freaking handle...bummer
  8. John, thanks that's exactly what I was looking for. Still wishing I could just find the one from Nauticam, but that looks really nice. I'll definitely give it a shot.
  9. Beauty, looks like I have a Sunday afternoon project. Thanks for the details! Is the tubing just for comfort or is there some other purpose?
  10. Howdy folks, In several reviews I've seen pictures of housings with a rope handle clipped off to the ball mounts and was curious if this is a DIY project or something commercially available. Seems like a great option when handing opt he housing off getting in and out of the water and I'm curious if someone can share a more detailed pic or two OS this setup. My last trip proved to be a bit problematic with a crew that wasn't used to handling SLR housings and kept grabbing my strobe arms. I have a few LOB trips coming up and would like to make life a bit easier if possible. Suggestions greatly appreciated -Erin
  11. I just recently got into underwater photography and recently got in my first day of diving with the new rig in the on the wreck of the Tx Clipper, in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm using Nikon D7000, with Nauticam housing so gear is definitely not an excuse. This was unfortunately my best effort from the day's diving and I'd welcome some thoughts around how it can be improved. Visibility was around 50-60ft. Tokina 10-17 at 10mm, natural light (both strobes turned off) settings ISO200, F8, 1/640th What I like: - Sense of depth with the wreck and divers. - Think I capture peak of action with the bubbles on the diver What I don't like: - Sun burst is obviously poorly done. I believe this is most likely due to the fact it was taken at mid-day. I also probably should have adjusted to a smaller aperture to get a better DOF instead of simply adjusting exposure time. -Overall the image just feels cluttered due to all the bubbles from the divers on the other side of the wreck. Any feedback would be appreciated. -E
  12. Thanks Bent, Not sure how I missed this thread before asking about this exact setup in another thread. Great shots and thanks for sharing your experience. I also have the Zen mini-dome and have been hoping I could use it with a (yet to be purchased) 60mm AF-S. This seals the deal, I'm pulling the trigger on a lens today -Erin
  13. Thanks Alex, totally understood that it's not ideal for true close-in macro shooting, but seems like a decent bridging option to allow for some flexibility for slightly larger subjects. The tokina is a really great lens, but in some locations I've found myself wishing I had another option and I think the 60mm, in the mini dome will give me that. Thanks for confirming that it's at least an option. That helps me answer two questions I've been struggling with 60 vs 105 and if 60 AF-S vs AF-D. I have no doubt I'll be picking up the macro port in the very near future but it's nice to know it's not an absolute requirement day 1. Thanks
  14. For folks that are using the 4" mini-domes for the tokina 10-17, have you ever tried using the 60mm macro in the mini dome? I've been using the Zen DP-100, which I'm very happy with and am wanting to bite the bullet and buy my first true macro lens. Reading the specs it looks like the newer 60mm AF-S lens would fit in the Zen dome and allow me to get by for a while unitl I'm able to pick up a dedicated macro port, for the real close work. Just curious if anyone can confirm if this is possible or not. -Erin
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