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  1. i just finished a dive with my rx100 with two ys-90 and i had the strobes set on TTL and slave off. strobes fired during the dive but no exposure from the strobes in the pics. setting in a completly dark ruun the only way i was able to get the strobes to fie and expose the pic was selecting PRE instead of TTL and slave "on". are these the correct settings for these strobes and the rx100?
  2. since you recommend to shot in A mode for marco i guess there is no need to select marco scene mode sine you can not select scenes in A mode?
  3. do dail down the comp to -2.0 so you can increase the camera flash recycle time?
  4. i cant recall if the rx100 allows you to create specific settings to memory so you can easily select that setting from memory with having to go a manually change settings. my 5050 had this and i had 3 pre selected settings: 1. marco setting 2. normal shots 3. wide angel setting these pre selected settings included a starting point for F and A, iso, and any internal camera setting for that specific shot. the 5050 had a great s. marco that i included in the,marco setting. i would like to know the following: 1. can this be done with the rx100 2. how to do this 3. what r your pre settings
  5. Wow great pics! Couple of question; I'm guessing you used the Nauticam housing based on your tag? If yes, how did the trigger to take the pics? Are you able to half press on the trigger? Any issues with recycle time of the camera's flash? Anyone have any experince using the Inon WA-100 type 2 on with the Nauticam? Any issues with vin?
  6. If you black out the insdie of the case then how will Ike's autoflash pick up the light to trigger the strobes? I'm not sure why Ike did not come up with something standard for the FO cables for other strobes. Seems they only considered the housing would be used with their autoflash system. Can the inon WA-100 type 2 be used on the housing without any issues? If not then I think I'm set on the Nauticam.
  7. http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/sony_rx100.html ike has announced their new rx100 and would love to hear everyones inital thoughts, esp who has owned ike equipment and housings before. below are my questions and thoughts. 1. how good is the auto flash kit? wouldnt you get backscatter with the interal flash firing in a clear housing? 2 are you able to use non ike strobes with the auto flash? 3 seem you can get to all the major controls with one hand? my concerns are around external strobes. looks like the ike housing would be great for a newbie without any prior equiomqnt or someone with ike strobes. i have two non ike strobes so it might be more costly to get into a ike setup rather than the other two rx100 housings.
  8. just thought i would try and get this string started again as both housings have been out and maybewe would have aside by side review of both housings by now. any news of other housing being released soon?
  9. pretty good discussion over in dpreview. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1009&message=42164820 im interested in if the nauticam has a good half press triger like the recsea. hopefully scott with bw photo will be able to provide an unbais review of both housings but im guessing you canr go wrong with either selection.
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