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  1. I saw your add before posting but unfortunately there is nothing i could use. Thanks for replying anyway.
  2. Looking for a used housing for my GH2 with 7-14mm lens. Either Nauticam or 10Bar.
  3. It seems it'll take some trial, and error, to find out which hack best suits my needs, but you gave some really valuable tips. Holding on a housing with a locked up camera during a dive is something i'd really like to avoid Thank you all for your input.
  4. I'm wondering if there are any recommendations on different hacks for Panasonic Gh2. Any real- underwater- world tests and results? I'm going to shoot material that might be broadcasted so i need the best image quality without any lockups. Any suggestions on the matter would be welcome.
  5. If you still haven't sold the housing let me know your asking price for it with the 6" dome for the 7-14mm. I'm in Greece but could pick up or collect from London.
  6. Is your offer still on? I'm interested in all items except the monitor and it's casing.
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