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  1. OK. Thanks again everyone. I did find the adapter that I was looking for from a new found friend in Korea. Wetpixel is wonderful !
  2. Hello: Yes - I would like to buy the adapter. I already have the macro port. How would you like to be paid ? thank you, jtw
  3. JTW

    Aquatica D70s

    Hi Ed: I'm interested. Would you send a pic or two. thanks much, jw
  4. Well - the port I thought I had found was in pretty rough condition, so ------- I'm still searching for a dome port or for a light & motion Titan housing. or perhaps the adaptor ring to mount a sea & sea or other port on the L&M. thanks much, jw
  5. Thanks everyone. I did find the port I wanted. jw
  6. I'm hoping the trip happens. My school is sending me to either AZ or Japan for part of the spring. If AZ, I want to return to Cairns and again head to the tablelands. We'll see. Anyway, please let me know what you want for the L & M port and if can budget it, that will complete my (obsolete) titan D200 system. thanks again, jw
  7. I am interested, thanks. Of course the obvious question is how much, so please let me know. By the way, I'll be in Cairns probably in February. I wonder if the fig tree lodge is still there. thanks again, jw
  8. Hello: Anyone out there selling a dome port I can mount on a Light & Motion Titan 200 housing ? thanks. jtw
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