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  1. Hello, Looking for an Seacam WidePort WP in good condition with no scratches on the glass. Best regards
  2. Hello, Do you have a photography of the dome? Regards stéphane
  3. Hello, Is it possible to shoot the Sigma fisheye 15mm behind the Seacam Fisheye Macro Port on FX ? If so what is the image quality in the corners ? Regards Stéphane
  4. Hello, I have found the Sigma 15mm f2,8 EX DG diagonal-fisheye for Nikon, still looking for : - Seacam Fisheyeport-FP - Seacam ou subtronic S6/Sea&SEA wire Regards Stéphane
  5. Hello, Which Kenko1.4 TC model do you use with the FE 15mm sigma, the PRO 300 AF DGX 1.4X or the MC4 AF 1.4 DGX ? Regards stéphane
  6. Hello roberto, thanks, I have found one. Just a question which dome did you use with ? Regards stéphane
  7. Hello is your lens is still to sale? A what price? Regards Stéphane
  8. Hello, We have just open a new underwater group dedicated to Seacam users in order to expose their best underwater photographs made with seacam gear and also to have a forum to discuss about materials, tips in order to share seacam experience. If you are interested you are welcome to join the group and expose your photographs. Regards Stéphane http://www.flickr.com/groups/seacam/
  9. Hello, I'm looking for the following items (in very good condition): - Seacam Fisheyeport-FP - Seacam ou subtronic S6/Sea&SEA cable - Sigma 15mm f2,8 EX DG diagonal-fisheye for Nikon or Nikon 16 mm f2.8 AF fisheye-Nikkor. Preference to buy them in France (PACA), also other sellers and proposals from other location and contries will be considered. Regards Stéphane
  10. I'have found and bought a seacam for D700 Thanks for your reply. Stéphane
  11. Hello Chris, Very too much expensive, new brand at 2400 euros in France. Stéphane
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