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    Canon 5D mark II
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    Aquatica Housing 5D mark II
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    YS 120 Duo TTL / Sea &Sea
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    Acrylic 8" dome, extansion & focus ring for Canon 16/35 f:2,8 L

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  1. Aquatica Pro Housing 5D mark II, Mega glass dôme 9,25", Macro port 100mm, extension lens for 16-35/2,8 L II, zoom & focus gear for 16/35, extension for 100mm 2,8 L. Inon Z 240 strobe with sync cord, Subtronic Mega strobe with sync cord. Reflex canon 5D mark II ,grip BG E6 , objectif 16-35/2,8 L II. Very good condition, ready to dive. Price, more details and pics by mp. Located in France, possible shipping Thank you, ggdive
  2. Interested, if not sale, i take them. mp for deal Thanks
  3. Hi, I am looking to buy new or used Subtronic or Seacam clamps and arms. PM me. Thanks. Ggdive
  4. Thanks richard for your reply, i've check. Stil looking for: - Focus gear for canon 100mm macro f:2,8 (Réf 18700.1) - Neopren cover for 8" dome, (réf 18503) - Rear cap,( Réf 18790) Thank you.
  5. Hi, I 'm looking for Aquatica: - Focus gear for canon 100mm macro f:2,8 (Réf 18700.1) - Neopren cover for 8" dome, (réf 18503) - Rear cap,( Réf 18790) Thank's for reply & offer if you've get it. Ggdive,
  6. Hello, Still available...? Is it the pelicase 1560 Trolley with wheels & retractable extansion handle ? How much is shipping to France ? Dimentions bellow are right: Large Width Depth 56 x 45,5 x 26,5cm (ext.) 51,7 x 39,2 x 22,9cm(int.)
  7. Hello, I could be interested by your Aquatica AF/MF macro (18426) and extension (18453). How much is shipping to France ? Do you also have focus gear (18700.1) ? Thank's for mp answer.
  8. I'm interested by your AF/MF Macro port ? Is it still available ? I need the Aquatica réf number of it ? Do you also have focus gear & extansion ring for Canon lens 100 F/2,8 ? How much for shipping to France ? Thank's for reply, Ggdive
  9. Hello, Your Aquatica Macro port AF/M is still available ? Thanks,
  10. Hi, No answear... I 'm stil interested by your Aquatica macro port 18426 (AF/ MF) & the extansion ring 18453, for my canon lens EF 100mm f:2,8 Available ? I'm also looking for focus gear 18700.1 ? thanks. ggdive.
  11. Hi, Stil looking for my Canon lens EF 100mm f:2,8 - Aquatica Macro Port AF/MF (18426) - Aquatica extansion (18453) , - Aquatica focus gear ( 18700.1), - Neopren cover for macro port. Thanks to contact me. ggdive.
  12. PM send with my e.mail adress. Let me know. Thanks
  13. PM send. thanks, waiting your answear & pics on my e-mail adress.
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