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  1. Sounds like we have very simular setups motz. I have the tokina 12 - 24 and just the normal 6" dome from Ikelite for it. I haven't had a whole heap of use out of it yet, but I am happy. My only gripe is the lense is so wide you have to put the body in then put the lense on through the port, but meh. The lense does not focus well up very close on small objects (say a foot from object to tip of dome), I have wondered about adding a dioptre but not sure. Here are some recent examples, sorry they are not full quality. But I must admit I am wondering how I should transport all this gear and all these ports when I travel next (and hopefully that will be with a 105mm and port too!)
  2. Thought I'd post up some photos from a couple of recent dives are Rapid Bay Jetty, South Australia. Please feel free to tear strips off of me if you have a point The first dive... The second dive..
  3. How do I tell if my battery packs are Nicad or Nimh?
  4. Cheers - How would I go about that? Thanks - tried this but no difference
  5. Got a wierd problem here. FYI Running a D70 in Ikelite TTL with 1 - 2 DS 125's. If I shoot with the strobe on TTL mode - perfect exposure. If i dial the strobe back to Full power - I get an extremely dark shot, 95% of the time it's just totally black unless I have some other bright light source nearby (like a LCD monitor). If I dial it back to 1/2 - i'll get what I would normally expect for 1/2 power, and so on for 1/4 and 1/8 as well. So it's only happening on "FULL" I've tried increasing the exposure time to see if its firing too slow and i'm getting the same problem, so I guess it's firing too soon. I've tried it with just one strobe and a single TTL cable and dual strobes and dual TTL cable. Any ideas on what could be causing this? One thing i've noticed is that the TTL module inside the housing still has it's TTL LED on, rather than the manual LED on. Not sure if that's right?
  6. Ahh - excellent. Even better is the 2nd to last post - Will have to send off an email me thinks
  7. I just bought two DS-125's second hand, and with them came two different dual sync cables - Ikelite to bugger knows what, for both of them. Because i'm broke/cheap/poor/need to pay for these strobes before I buy anything more I started thinking.. can I re cable these two cables into one super duper ike - ike dual sync cable? This will save me ordering a new cable - meaning I start shooting dual DS125 sooner.. Has anyone attempted this before? Is it a baaad idea? Cheers, Nathan
  8. Just wondering if anyone has had any more luck with this? I was looking at buying this lense but would like zoom control..
  9. http://www.engadget.com/2006/07/26/nikon-d80-pics-revealed/ *might fit* ? don't have my d70 infront to compare. Looks like SD memory though
  10. Thanks Karl, I will do so now. Cheers, Nathan
  11. Howdy all, I got my hands on my ikelite rig for my d70 a couple of days ago, and whilst I havent had it in the water yet, I have spent a lot of time with it admiring its beauty and engineering. I was looking more closely at my lens port, and noticed a bubble like mark on the inside of the lens port, near the centre. It's probably 2mm by 4mm, and looks like a bubble during the manufacturing that popped (just saying what it looks like, not sure if this is even technically possible). Anyway, I'm not really sure what I should do. I was going to take it for a dive on friday night to visit my leafy seadragon friends, so I can see if it shows up in the photos there. I can also send it back with my parents to the US at NYE to return to BHphoto&video, or should I get them to send it to Ikelite. Not having used a DSLR housing and post system before, is this common and not an issue? Has anyone else seen this sort of thing before? Anyway, i'll post a couple of pictures so you can see what im talking about Regards. Nathan
  12. Awesome shots! Cant decide if i like Umbria or Shaab Rumi better
  13. It's a leatherjacket, don't know what type though. Nice shots
  14. DiveOz seems a bit closed to a smaller group at times, and a lot of their discussion is more of a tech / rebreather level. They have a lot lurkers though and your posts are appreciated I looked at a 2gb drive, it was still above the double the 1gb price so ill just wait for a while, most of my diving is 1 - 2 dives a day at the moment anyway. Cheers Nathan
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