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  1. 4" dome port covers are quite easy to find. ScubaCam has 'generic' unbranded neoprene port covers that will fit nicely the Zen dome. If not the online stores will have them too.
  2. Thanks for the info, that's useful to know. i dislike being cold too but what you're saying makes a lot of sense.
  3. I have a V2 unit for my Nauticam 7D housing & a V3 unit for my 5DMkIII housing & they both work great. When I wrote to Miso about the non-captive o-ring in the V2 unit cap, he sent me a new V3 cap without any fuss. The 'after-sales' service from Miso has been fantastic. I'm a 1st-time user of these vacuum check systems & Miso has been really patient & prompt with all my questions.
  4. My better half & I have a trip booked next month to Tonga as well. It's our 1st time there to try & catch the humpbacks & I've been browsing the forums to find more info about what to expect in Tonga & how the whale watching is conducted. What are water temps like in Aug? We're trying to decide what thermal protection is needed, perhaps 5mm wetsuits or maybe even a drysuit if water temps are in the low-20s. I've read from the whale-watching sites that water temps can go as low as 21ÂșC in Aug. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Tim, I presume you've had a chance to try out the Nauticam strobe trigger prototype by now. How well do they work underwater? Seems like Nauticam is very quiet on this up till now while some of us are anxiously waiting for this!
  6. Hi Tim, great you finally got your hands on the Nauticam strobe trigger. Are you allowed to post fotos of the unit and how it fits in the NA-5DMkIII housing? Looks like it'll work nicely with Sea & Sea strobes. I'm using the YS-D1s.
  7. Hi David, yes I've read that many have tried and Canon's eTTL protocol has so far proven notoriously hard to crack. I'm using manual flash with electrical sync cables on my NA5DMkIII housing but was looking for something that'll work with fiber-optic cables instead. If you work out a flash trigger (LED based I presume?) for the 5D MkIII I'd be interested!
  8. Thanks Tim for the update. Look forward to your impressions of the Mk II flash trigger when you do get them. Soon I hope!
  9. Hi Tim, Reviving an 'old' thread here, did you get to try the Nauticam flash trigger? I haven't seen any more news about this other than the fotos of it from DEMA 2012.
  10. Thanks all for the info. I guess then I should be able to polish out the scratches, or at least reduce them.
  11. Hi, appreciate if someone can tell me if the rear window on Nauticam housings (specifically NA-7D & NA-5DMKIII) is acrylic or glass? After a recent trip to Raja Ampat, the rear window on a housing ended up with a couple of scratches on a dive with raging currents at Cape Kri. If acrylic I may be able to polish away the scratches. Thanks fpr the info!
  12. I see a foto of Nauticam's prototype strobe trigger on Wetpixel's report of DEMA 2012. Does anyone have any idea when this will make it to market? It does looks quite slick but I'm afraid it'll probably cost a few dollars!
  13. Haha! Tim, I know where you're coming from. The 5D3 is such a good camera topside that I expect it'll be a fantastic creative tool underwater. It's just that macro is my main interest & I find that my keeper rate is much better with TTL, esp with really shy & fast moving critters where I may have only 1 or 2 shots at it. Wide-angle is when I usually shoot manual. Maybe I need more experience and/or practice to get really comfortable with shooting entirely manual.
  14. Sorry I meant to thank Tim and Alex for their comments. Its mid-night here and I'm dozing off!
  15. Tim, Ryan, thanks for your comments. Ryan has stated that the initial product will be a manual only trigger. Hmm doesn't make it easier for me to decide whether to go for the NA-5D3 housing for my upcoming Raja Ampat trip. I have my NA-7D which can work in TTL mode with the built-in flash on the 7D.
  16. Ryan, thanks, let's hope Nauticam will continue working on a TTL solution.
  17. And I've just invested in a pair of YS-D1s. Ryan, will the Nauticam trigger have a TTL mode? And any indication when it might make it to production and released to market?
  18. Thanks, I did see this forum posting about the LED strobe trigger. There were reports that the Inons work very well with this trigger but the Sea & Seas need some fiddling to get them to work. Something about the sensitivity of the Sea & Sea's optical trigger being less sensitive than the Inons. I was looking to see what other options there are and really hoping to see a TTL strobe trigger.
  19. Hi Tim, how do you tell if its a Mk. 1 or Mk. 2 housing? Got mine late 2010. I've been using the NA-7D housing without any issues so far (knock on wood!). I've also never removed the camera viewfinder eye cup. There seems to be enough space in the back of the housing for this not to be an issue. On my previous SeaTool housing for a 500D this was definitely necessary as the housing was so much more compact. Hmm makes me wonder if I've just been fortunate up till now that this hasn't been an issue!
  20. Cool, next weekend's not too far away. Pls post some pics of the Nauticam strobe trigger if you can. Look forward to the review!
  21. That's exciting news! Are you able to say when the Nauticam strobe trigger will be released in the market? I'm also holding off on the NA-5D3 housing to see what the Nauticam strobe trigger solution will offer. However I'm off to Raja Ampat in mid-Dec so will need to make a decision on this very soon.
  22. I use the SubSee +5 & +10 diopters with my Canon 100mm macro L lens for super macro work. The quality of the SubSees are very good (both build & optical quality) and they now come in (standard) 67mm diameters. With the Nauticam ports they will conveniently screw on the ports themselves without the need for any adaptors. The older SubSees came in a smaller size which made adaptors or 'holders' necessary. One drawback of the 'new' 67mm SubSees is that they are quite heavy (with the large glass elements), esp. the +10 unit, which is almost twice the depth of the +5. I've never used the Aquaticas but compared with others I've used (FIT, Inon, Sea & Sea), the SubSees I've found to be superior. I use the Inon M67 lens holder W which attaches to my ULCS arms to hold the SubSees when not in use.
  23. Thanks Bill, for your comment. I see what you're saying. From Wetpixel's coverage of Photokina 2012, it looks like Nauticam is indeed working on an adaptor. See quote below. I'm hoping it will be a TTL-adaptor and that they're able to get it out to market soon. That should make for an elegant solution for their 5D3 housing. "Edward mentioned that he is working on an adaptor that will allow the use of fiber optic triggering with cameras that don't have a built-in flash, or for cameras that do, but the recycle times are an impediment."
  24. Am looking forward too to hearing about your experience with the NA-5D3, esp. how well the strobe triggers work.
  25. Yes I'm hoping that since Nauticam has put fiber-optic connectors on their 5D Mk. III (knowing full well that the camera does not have a built-in flash) that they are indeed working on a TTL solution. From my own experience in UW photography I've found that TTL strobe output does make it much easier for macro subjects and as I dive mostly in the tropics (Manado & Lembeh, Indonesia being one of my favourite spots with its amazing 'macro' critters), I'm particularly interested in a TTL solution. However I've also read that the Canon flash protocol is notoriously difficult to crack. But I'm hoping Nauticam works it out and 'pulls the rabbit out of the hat'! In the meantime, looks like it'll have to be full manual control with Hedwig's 'little micro strobe' for now if I want to continue with fiber-optic connectors...
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