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  1. To all the experts & 5D Mk. III users out there, what do you use to trigger your strobes? I'm particularly interested in solutions to use Sea & Sea YS-D1s or YS-110 alphas with the 5D Mk. III in a Nauticam housing. Apart from using electrical sync cables with only manual control possible, is there any solution for TTL?


    Also is TTL control possible with the strobes above on a fiber-optic connection? On my 7D, TTL works very well with the built-in flash. Since the 5D does not have a built-in flash, is there any TTL converter or adaptor in the market that will work with fiber-optic connections?


    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  2. Do you still have any available? I'm thinking of housing my Canon 5D Mk. III in a Nauticam but was hesitant about going back to electrical sync cables. I'm currently using a Canon 7D also in a Nauticam with fiber optic connections and much prefer this to sync cables.


    Btw I got 2 Triggerfishes from you last year and they worked really great in the caves in the Yucatan earlier this year. Thanks for a great product!

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