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  1. I'm having similar difficulties with my strobes firing. Same Inon strobe(s) using fiber optic cables. Nauticam D7000 housing. I'm missing so many shots because of a delay of the strobe(s) firing. I've had very few instances when the strobes fire instantly. By the time the strobes fire my subject has moved or is out of focus. I've had my gear for four years and I think the delay has increased significantly. Batteries are fresh. I can frame my subject, pull the shutter release and nothing happens for a few seconds. This is extremely frustrating as this equipment is expensive. It should be working. I can't help to think it might be a camera setting. The camera is taking to long to calculate the amount of power the flash needs. I'm going to call Reef Photo and see if they have any ideas.
  2. Are these still available. I'm trying to finish off my setup. I have a new Nauticam D7000v housing
  3. I'm looking to finish off my set-up for my new D7000V Nauticam housing. I'm being pulled in two different directions. My mentor(s) use the DS161 and recommend it. The camera shop is recommending I use the fiber optic option for my housing. My issue now is funding as I have invested significantly. Your price is good. Do you still have this equipment? I'd have to check with my 'advisors' before I make decision. David
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