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  1. A housed 70D will take you far. Agree with the poster that recommended investing in strobes. Good light will take you much further than the subtle and often overstated differences between cameras.
  2. Anyone ever try making a Retra-like columnator with pipe and lenses?
  3. I have used a soft sided cooler with good success. Heavy though, no way around that!
  4. I cannot speak for comparison, but you won't regret the "L" version. Certain lenses just seem to have ,"a certain something about them," a certain indescribable image quality. This is one of those.
  5. Hello, How old are these strobes? How heavy was the use? Trying to understand how well the batteries will hold a charge. Rob
  6. Divebumwannabe, Thanks so much for all of your help in setting me up. Your expertise definitely enhanced the transaction. Can't wait to try it out! Rob
  7. Derek, Thank you so much for all of your help in getting me set up. Your expertise certainly added value to this transaction! I cannot wait to try it out. Rob
  8. Derek, Could we make arrangements to speak? My email address is rfkissling@hotmail.com Rob
  9. Why are you selling this? I must confess that this is basically what I am looking for, but am a little nervous about buying used.
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