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  1. Hi Acetyl-Coa, Sorry to highjack this thread, but I thought I'd chime in. I also have this same setup for sale. nikonos 15mm lens and 37201 nauticam adaptor. The exterior of the 15mm lens shows a bit of shelfwear but is optically like new, the nauticam adaptor is like new. Both have been on about 30 dives by me, always freshwater cleaned. What sets my lens apart from many of the others lenses out there: I was worried about the age of the o-rings on the nikonos lens (it is a vintage wet lens, some of the species you'll find have orings from 1968, depending on the serial number) so I finally found a professional to overhaul, replace all of the orings and seals and pressure test it for me. This was done last year. The focus and f-stop control knobs turn easily and it's in lovely shape. This service cost me $300 on top of the $350 I paid for the lens. The adaptor I paid 420 for. To that end, I would let my set go for $800 USD; I could ship it out tomorrow if you send paypal otherwise I could ship it on Jan 1st. (but by all means, the OP post above is an excellent deal, but I do recommend you get it serviced first, which may be very hard to do). I am only selling it because lately I've been really really enjoying CFWA shots, which the sigma 14mm on a small dome port does a slightly better job for; I can focus down right to the edge of the dome. Of course, it's a more expensive setup and much harder to use. Cheers, -3ric Johanson Seattle, WA PS. Incidentally, it was this lens which was used on this photo, which nat geo published (yay!): http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/photos/6504791/
  2. He is trying to sell a pair of used lights for 1100 euros, when they sell new for 800-900euros. Good luck, bud... Also, archon doesn't honor warranty transfers, so this sale is as-is.
  3. Looks amazing, I wish I had an excuse to purchase.
  4. How do I adjust the calculations of a virtual image on a dome port based on having a different position of the exit pupil on a lens? Is it time for some real optical modeling?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe the right answer is to contact nauticam. I was thinking that maybe they just forgot to tell me I needed a diopter. Anyway, I've just posted two photos for conversation. They are both bad photos, but posted for conversation. Incidentally, the first shaggy mouse nudi' I've seen. The shot I wanted: (well, honestly, I really wanted a macro lens, but maybe I should say "the shot I was expecting this lens to be able to handle") http://www.flickr.com/photos/3ricj/13540155013/ The closest I could focus: (I was at least one full body length off the bottom, so .. 6'? plus fins? ) http://www.flickr.com/photos/3ricj/13540388354/ I was hoping that the sony would report the focal distance -- my 5d did this, but I can't seem to spot it in the exif data.
  6. Excellent catch! Thank you. But now I'm confused, as my lens shouldn't have been able to focus at 7.6". But I *was* able to get photos in focus (using autofocus) but only if I got VERY far away from my subject. I started down this path after having really poor results - - but results! It seems that my lens isn't very close to the dome, so this may be impacting things - - But yes, I'm using the Sony A7r, 35mm F2.8 FE lens and the 37122.4 port. This system (and port) is very new, I'm suspecting it has been tested much underwater. Nauticam has not shared specifications on the dome, so I had to measure it. The thickness was determined by measurement, I confirmed it was a simple radius (not some parabolic whatsit), and material I determined by using my highly calibrated index of refraction measurement tools (my eyeballs, who deal with acrylics and glass frequently, but could have easily made a mistake).
  7. Hi there folks, I wrote up some details for how to "fix" your focus on a lens behind a dome port. I went into this not knowing how this works, and thus tried to document what I learned in order to give back to the community. http://www.substrobist.com/?p=33 I welcome any comments, questions, flames, etc. My core motivation was to increase my ability to focus up close, while also being able to take advantage of the full range of focal positions of my lens under water. I am mostly excited that I think I will be able to focus closer without loosing hyperfocus performance using a +2 diopter. Yay, science.
  8. I'm interested in the following: 5510.22 port body 5510.16 port body 4067 spare Li-Ion battery pack (do you have two? )
  9. I've just posted this lens on ebay; I thought I would let folks know about it here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/160933046738?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Let me know if you have any questions!
  10. Interested! email me please.. 3ricj ATTY shmoo DOTTY com
  11. Once I found Photorec, I have not looked back. This tool is the best; it's open source, gets actively developed and has years of maturity. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec I can't recommend this tool any more strongly. It is a slightly technical tool which does require a bit of reading up on to use properly, but if you don't mind console apps then go for it. It's not pretty but highly functional. cheers, -3ric
  12. Depends on what specific wavelength of UV ya'll are talking about, but it is readily absorbed by the water. http://th.physik.uni-frankfurt.de/~scherer/Blogging/ColourWater/absorption.png
  13. EDIT: Correction, I have the 300 AW, which is smaller! I have used this bag for the past 2 years and have traveled nearly 250k miles all around the world with it. I have found that in some 'cramped' situtations the top bag and the laptop sleeve can be removed to make it fit. I have overloaded this bag at one point which ripped the sholder strap (could have been a manufacturing defect?).. but I have otherwise been very happy. I have never had an airline force me to check this bag (Africa/Asia/South America). I have a strong preference for backpacks, as most places I go roller bags are really pointless.
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