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  1. FOR SALE - Used in good condition: Sea and Sea 240mm fisheye acrylic dome port $400. The acrylic dome is in good condition and has no apparent blemishes or defects that show up on photographic image. Some scratches on the back that does not affect function. Sale includes neoprene port cover ($60 value) and shade hood (not shown). Send inquires to h.chew@icloud.com Howard Chew
  2. Planning to build a Nauticam system for my EM-1 MKII that is efficient (fewest number of ports and extensions) yet great optics. I'm considering the Zen 170 glass dome which is compatible with a wide range of Oly and Pany mirrorless lenses. Basically, it will be the only dome port needed. http://www.jaredparsons.com/portchart/zen-only/by-combination-group/nauticam-n85/
  3. I Googled "how to shoot underwater video" and came up with a page of links on basics of UW videography.
  4. Hi, I'm Howard from Sacramento, CA. I joined in 2012 when I got back into UW photography after a long hiatus. I attended a Wetpixel workshop with Alex Mustard in Lembeh in 2016. I shooting with a 5D MkII in a Hugyfot housing which I've been really happy with. I'm considering a system with better video capabilities and checking out what others with more expertise have to say about that subject.
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