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  1. Three months long??? Amazing... I would definitely be the Forest Gump... lol... So apart from Australia, you do not dive elsewhere? I bet you can already dive with your eyes close now... Sweet.. mind recommending which dive center you often go? what's the cost like to dive like 5 times per weekend? yeah... i would love that too... trying to get my DM and then perhaps I can start diving all year long too... lol... Which part of Canada do you dive?
  2. Hi guys, How often do you guys dive in a year? I personally would go 3 to 4 trips a year just to satisfy my dive crave. So what about you? Cheers.
  3. G9 has 3 levels of flash output. I've tried the first and second level. The first is pretty much non-existence during underwater. Can't seem to bring out any light at all. So the only option left is the 2nd level which I'm currently using.
  4. this is a great piece of advise and it just shows how much i understand about this camera. i also wonder why i never bother trying switching to other modes. can i also check with you what's the normal exposure you use underwater? due to the flash being so bright, i always ensure i'm shooting photos underexpose. depending on the depth and object size, i'm always between the range of -1 to -2 so that the photo can be compensated by the flash (as in hoping the flash will not be too bright like the above photo). about the f-stop, i tried before jacking it up to f8 or even f10 but that would result to a slower shutter and a higher ISO. Knowing G9 will be noisy at ISO400 and the response of the camera will be slower, I always end up having OOF photos. I also noticed the higher ISO, the more backscatter there is.
  5. For this particular photo, Flash Output = 2nd level ISO = 100 Aperture = 4.0 Shutter = 1/100
  6. Hi guys, Not sure if there's a same topic or this is the right section to post but I have some problems with my underwater photography technique. I'm new in underwater and have only been using a G9 with U/W housing to take photos. I only take photos with Manual setting but I often face this same problem with the flash being too bright causing the photo to burst especially when I'm too close to small critters. Advise is much appreciated on how to solve this problem. Thanks.
  7. Thank you very much Jim for the link and identification. Honestly, this is my first time spotting it. Found it at Tulamben. Thank you too Leslie! I also changed the photo to a larger one. Hopefully it helps.
  8. Hi guys, 1) Need some help here. Is this a coral or a some kind of critter? The hole actually closes up when I went near to it and reopens when I back out. 2) Is this a newborn nudi or some species? editted Sorry if the photos are of poor quality.
  9. Hello, How's everyone doing? Busy bubbling around? Glad I found this forum. Hopefully can find some help with identifying some critters. Cheers.
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