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  1. it is may and I haven't been able to find/see this housing anywhere.. guess i'll just stick with what is available.
  2. I have to admit it is really frustrating for manufacturers to do this.. I would have happily placed a pre-order as soon as the camera came out if they offered that option.. I have been fighting jumping the canon ship for awhile and i love my fuji x-pro1.. the lack of housings for canon's mirror less line and fuji's stinks, hope to see this happen really soon even though it will likely cost me a bunch of money.
  3. njcfm

    Canon WP-DC38 S95

    can't link images from photos.google.com =(
  4. Used Canon black sd780is and used ikelite underwater housing, both in good condition. comes with a battery and canon charger. Ikelite housing comes with a port cap, it has never been flooded. $75 shipped to US (ships from NJ)
  5. used underwater housing for canon s95 in decent shape, some scratches.. comes with a metal adapter for a 67mm wet lens (it had a inon ucl-165-m87 on it for macro) $50 + S&H to US (ships from NJ)
  6. Used red SD780is + battery + aftermarket charger + Canon wp-dc31 housing.. Everything works and it has never been flooded. Canon has a few scratches but works fine, housing also has a few scratches from use but works fine. $55 + S&H to US (ships from NJ)
  7. sent pm
  8. thanks for the review, I'm searching for my next setup and Fuji is really producing some great cameras I just have concerns about the autofocus being fast enough for fish, macro, and even quick larger animals. The lens selection isn't perfect either but i'm sure what is out would suffice. Basically looking for anything to reduce the size/weight of my rig =)
  9. is his review online anywhere? would love to read it gallery of images looks nice.
  10. the auto focus was fairly slow... it has been improved recently but still no reviews.
  11. I have 200+ dives on various ikelite housings, zero issues.. The salt content of the water where I dive is also higher than most places, so housings take a beating. That being said when it is time for me to upgrade cameras, I will do all calculations and considerations of purchasing an aluminum housing. I have no real reason to go with anyone but ikelite as I already have ports and what not, however as they say the grass is always greener on the other side. I would be doing myself an injustice if I don't at least check out the other manufacturers. in my mind Ikelite has an advantage in that they are an american company.
  12. wanted to wish you like with selling the housing and say thank you, seeing your post reminded me to setup magic lantern on my 50D =)
  13. it was advertised as having a repaired/patched shade. It arrived cracked without any sign of a suitable repair, only after the fact did you post a picture of the shade cracked in half prior to your "repair". No additional discount was given, you accepted my offer of a lower price. I am complaining about how you handled communication, failing to take responsibility for poor packaging, and that you do not insure your shipments. These are all things that future buyers should be aware of. Now hopefully we can both move on our merry ways and save wetpixel from anymore back and forth drama.
  14. I did not ask you to purchase a new one, I asked you to split the cost with me since the package you sent me was damaged due to poor packaging and not having insurance on it to cover the damage. the customs paperwork doesn't even come into play because the package was shipped to NJ. again, buyer beware.
  15. nothing was removed from the shade by me or my father. your failure to insure the package you shipped and statement that as soon as you drop it off at the post office it isn't your problem is something all future buyers should know about. all of a sudden after i had asked for pictures previously he posts a picture pre-patch, thanks for that. the receipt was for customs reasons if it was going to come straight to bermuda, to make life easier I had it shipped to a house in NJ, where it was inspected upon delivery, as for 5 days later that is BS, it was delivered on the 24th I contacted David on the 27th after a HOLIDAY weekend. The fact that David can't count is enough of a reason NOT to do business with him.
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