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    Nikon D80 nikon 60mm tokina 10-17mm
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  1. Here for sale I am offering my much loved Nikon D80 setup, ready to go, ideal for a first time DSLR user, or point and shoot upgrade. included in the sale is Nikon D80 camera, serviced feb 2014, shutter button replaced, not used since. 18-70 kit lens, minimal use. charger, 2 batteries (both genuine, 1x brand new) hama camera bag, and nikon neck strap. all above in very good condition. ikelite D80 housing and tray, this housing is used as i worked as a underwater photographer, well looked after, is however showing signs of use. ikelite flat port, for 60mm macro lens. ikelite 8inch dome port, scratches on inside of dome, and crack on the shade, this doesn't affect the pictures that i can tell, the scratches will polish out, as the lens is acrylic. ikelite ds125 strobe and speed charger, plus associated arms and clamps, ball adapters for tray as pictured,good condition, spare o-rings, grease, gears. any questions, or for more pictures, please don't hesitate to contact me, on here via pm, or via email, dswain.bankside@gmail.com i would like £750, plus postage, willing to post worldwide.
  2. Can you do the ike 105mm port any cheeper??
  3. HI im after a ikelite 105mm port [5505.5] thanks guys, Dan
  4. Yeh but its weeks i don't know if il still be here then I know a guy here that use ti service ike housings so he will be able to wire it up. Im not sure what to do. =[
  5. Hi im doing my Dive master in Thailand and and taking as many photos as i can along the way but im having trouble with my housing its an ikelite D80 housing. Its been playing up for a while but i have been able to manage with it but now its totally gone im pretty sure it the chip board and hot shoe that are at fault. I have been in touch with ikelite but the want me to send it back and i really don't want to the postage is so hit and miss here and its going take 6_8 weeks. So i'm wondering if i can get a chip board i can fix it myself but will it have to be off a D80 housing or will any chip board do?? And dose anyone know where i can get one?? Many thanks Dan
  6. Yeh it worked for a while now its not working at all :/
  7. Hi im at my whits end with me D80 and Ikelite housing, Every time i get it working at brakes again now it seem the hot-shoe wont recognise the strobe so it will not fire. The hot shoe has always been a bit temperamental it would only work in one spot, i would send it back to ikelite but i am on koh tao and will be for some time and the post here dosnt really exists so dont want to risk posting it. If any one has got any ideas i would be so grateful. Many thanks Dan,
  8. Have you got any pic and can you ship it??
  9. Would you sell just the housing and ports??
  10. Ah ok il try another one the only problem is on on koh tao and theres not many photographers but il try and find one i can try. thanks
  11. Yeh i tried it on another set up and it worked fine and the strobe did too. The problem seems to be with the housing or camera .
  12. Hi iv been having some trouble my my DS125 or camera not sure. It wasn't fireing at all but i had a play around and now it fires but only once, if i turn it off and on again it will fire but only once. Anyone had a similar problem? Thanks Dan,
  13. Block the ttl leads ?? Its a d80 yeh the switch is fine carnt figure out why it wont fire. thanks
  14. Hi im on koh tao and my ikelite housing or strobe if playing up every time i connect the strobe the camera wont take a pic or fire the strobe. I put a post up a week or so ago but its gone and i carnt find it which is a shame because it had some really helpful links on which i haven't been able to use. if any one can help i would be so thankful =] cheers dan
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