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  1. Here is my first attempt at an underwater video with an SLR


    I did not use a red filter as I was shooting both video and stills, I need to figure out how this would work for both. I do shoot in RAW so if there is a way to do this please share!



    - 5D Mark II

    - Sigma 15mm FE 2.8

    - Ikelite Housing

    - 8" Ikelite Dome

    - 1 X Sea&Sea YS-D1 Strobe

    - Sola 800 Photo


    This is a link to some of the still photography I did




    Viewed best with a good sound system cranked and in HD!







    This was my first attempt with a GoPRO and no LCD shot last year





  2. Hi Everyone,


    I would like to share my first attempt at underwater photography. I just got back from 11 Days on Cozumel where I stayed at the Iberostar Resort / Dressel Divers.


    I also shot video which I am still sorting through and will post the result when it is done.


    I learned a lot from this adventure including:

    - Starting out shooting in Manual / Manual Strobe equates to about 20% more air consumption (Thankfully not an issue for me as I usually finish a dive with 1500 PSI)

    - I want a second strobe

    - The need to really extend the arms out on the strobe for WA to avoid Backscatter

    - Diving in a recreational group can make it difficult to spend the time to get the results I wanted

    - Minor scratches on the outside of the dome are not an issue, however dust inside the dome is very bad at large apertures

    - What settings on the 5D make life easier and more difficult!


    I shot all images in full Manual both Camera & Strobe and RAW format



    - 5D Mark II

    - Sigma 15mm FE 2.8

    - Ikelite Housing

    - 8" Ikelite Dome

    - 1 X Sea&Sea YS-D1 Strobe

    - Sola 800 Photo


    Below are a few photos, if you would like to see more in a slideshow fashion you can check them out @ frameamoment.com/underwater/










    I would like to thank my Fiancé and Best Dive Buddy for her help and allowing me to spend a small fortune on Gear.


    Any comments / critique are welcome

  3. Hi Everyone,


    I'm looking for some help / suggestions on my new setup. I have previously done professional photography topside (Weddings, Calendars etc..) but am completely new to underwater.


    I do have a desire to do both video and stills but to start I think I will be focusing on stills. I also plan on mostly wide angle to start and eventually macro.


    Most of my diving is in tropical waters, I visit Cozumel a couple of time a year.


    Currently I Have:


    - Canon 5DMKII

    - Sigma 15mm FE 2.8

    - Ikelite dSLR Housing #6871.02

    - Ikelite 8" Dome #5510.45


    - Ikelite Port Body #5510.11

    - Ikelite Dual Tray




    - Dual S&S YS-D1 Strobes

    - Ikelite #4118.2 Two Strobe Sync Cable

    - Ikelite 1 Inch Ball Adapter for Quick Release Handle #9571.3

    - Arms ???



    1. Will this setup be fully compatible (I understand TTL will not work) and functional?


    2. I have no idea which arms to look at Please help


    3. Have I missed any pieces / parts to make this setup function?


    Please make any suggestions / alternatives.

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