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  1. Hi all I'm looking to upgrade my existing Nikon DX Seacam setup, interested to hear from anyone thinking of selling: Seacam Nikon D500 Housing MIP Microport - For 60mm Micro Lens & Diopters Compact port - 170mm Diameter Zoom Gears for DX lenses I'm based in the UK Thanks Paul
  2. Think I have answered my own original question on further research re the D500. All of my output will be in 1080p, will shooting in 4K benefit this? - the crop factor of 2.25 will limit the wide angle on the D500. What are others thoughts on this, as the latest cameras may be optimised for 4K or higher but do not provide a good downscaled output? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Interesting, did you make a conscious decision to go with two different lights rather than a matched pair?
  4. For wide angle with my Go Pro Hero 7 Black in the standard Go Pro Dive Housing, I'm shooting with one Video Light Blackstar BS30 (Plan to buy a 2nd), I'm using the Backscatter Flip system for macro. I'm mostly diving on reefs and walls in Scotland tried adding the large Stix floats to my Ultralight arm and this had made the system easier to handle for the Macro Shots is now just slightly negative - not quite perfect. I've added a Gorillapod base to help with this and also handy for mounting on wrecks ( I have added a cord for it as it has a tendency to unscrew in strong currents when I'm focusing on managing the DSMB on Ascents).
  5. Hi all Having done stills for many years I've been developing a rig for Go Pro Hero 7 Black over the last year, consists of a Backscatter Tray, Gorillapod tripod, Backscatter Flip Macromate 15 lens for close ups, for my lighting I have a one inch ball system and have two 6 inch ultralight arms with StiX Foam for buoyancy and Black Star BS30 (3000 Lumen) LED dive light - plan to get a second light. I've been using the Go Pro Apps (Go Pro and Quik ) on the Iphone XS - which allows me to select highlights and use the auto-tools to generate short clips for social media - they are great for quick editing and although I would like a bit more control over transitions between clips, easily adding text to clips to highlight species, is there any video software that will Import the Go Pro files on a Iphone that will give me more control? Also I shoot in Green Water and the Auto white balance sets the background to blue which is pleasing but not correct, can this be fixed on the camera or by post editing easily? - should I be capturing video in a RAW Format similar to that on stills cameras? Also good ways of storing footage of animal Any advice gratefully received? I've attached a couple of links to recent projects edited on my iphone - I film in 1080p
  6. Yep, D500 would be great for catching fast moving fish like Pollock & Ling - Just starting up a new business so cash is tight so looking what I can squeeze out of a my current setup - also might look at a bigger dome port.
  7. This is the F11 at 10mm ISO 400 Sharp at the edges - I have a series of pictures at zoom of 10mm - 16mm and 20mm all similar
  8. I currently own the Wide Port 140mm - Compact Port 170mm or Super Dome 240mm are potential options - The Super dome if diving on Rhibs and Shore Diving may be difficult to look after - great for under/over shots though.
  9. Okay just back from the Pool, had the Sigma 10-20mm using a 25mm Extension Ring and the Seacam Wide Port (140mm Diameter) at 10mm - The F4 and F5.6 you can see blurring on the edges, F8 this improves and at F11 acceptable sharpness to the corners. Similar results for 16mm and 20mm - using ISO 400 - F4 Below and was testing a video light instead of strobes
  10. Just looking at the Tamron 10-24mm https://www.tamron.eu/lenses/10-24mm-f35-45-di-ii-vc-hld/ has anyone used this underwater? Going to be taking my sigma 10-20mm in the pool tomorrow night to test.
  11. Hi Algwyn, Thanks for your thoughts I have used Both Inon and third party Fibre Optic cables, the Inon cables were the best, however I'm usually diving in exposed conditions, strong currents and getting on / off Rhibs - the cables get knocked about. Hence why I went for the Seacam Housing, well engineered and tough the S6 Cables are expensive but have worked well for two years. My concern with the 105mm for Fish is the distance - lack of lighting from the strobes and the lens hunting for focus - do you use this just for Macro? - The Sigma 17-70 is interesting although what are practicalities with the change in length of the lens as you zoom - flat port or dome? Regards Paul
  12. Hi all, I've had my Nikon D7000 Seacam rig since 2013 haven't reviewed for a new setup for a few years, I mostly dive in Scotland from the Club Rhib / shore diving. Upgraded from optical flash cables (Constantly having to replace) to S6 Connectors, Purchased the Seacam 45 degree viewfinder to help get the camera under the subject. (Water Clarity and Backscatter are key factors) Currently use the: Tokina 10-17 Fisheye with a Wide Port with anti-reflective coating (140mm Diameter) - 25mm Extension ring - if I open up to 10mm I can see the Sun shades in the final image. For Macro - 60mm Nikon F2.8 ED standard flat port. - super sharp and some times use for fish behind the Dome Port. 2 * Z240 MK4 Strobes - S6 connections & Greenforce Hepastar for lighting I have Sigma sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 HSM for Land and Nikon 20mm F2.8, Nikon F1.8 35mm DX (Just bought) - which have been used occasionally underwater. I'm interested in Wide angle shots of Wrecks, Walls, Geological Features and getting better pictures of skittish fish - Cod, Ling etc. at depth 25 -35 metres ( I have been diving on a AP Rebreather for the last two years) getting auto focus and lighting right is an issue. After upgrading from the Olympus C5050 to the D7000 have benefited from the increased dynamic range and also improved autofocus for Macro. At the moment looking at my photographs, the low light noise on the sensor vs the loss in quality of the images on the edges (Dome Port Optics) is about the right balance. Thinking about what tweaks I can make - obviously big jumps are the Nikon D500 or Nikon FX which require a large investment for 5% - 10% improvement in quality? Other lenses that I've seen talked about are the Nikon 8-15mm Fisheye, Sigma 17-70 Macro, Nikon 105 or 85mm DX Macro Lenses? Seacam do other Dome Ports - Fisheye Port 160mm, Compact Port 170mm or Superdome 240mm Would be good to get feedback from other Nikon and Nikon Seacam Photographers on what combinations has worked well for them. Thanks Paul
  13. Hi I'm Paul, Based in Scotland, I've been focusing on Green Water Photography, Both Macro and Wide Angle Stills. Also bought a Go Pro Hero 7 Black video last year, started playing with Video.
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