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  1. I just received my Ikelite DS-125 and 1" ball joint arm. I noticed that even if I tightened the wing nuts tight the arm doesn’t not support the weight of the DS-125. On Ikelite's site, they address this in a FAQ: If I am reading this correctly, the joints should stay firm even out of the water. I know the strobe will be considerably lighter in the water but should I be concerned or am I overreacting? Thanks! -- Mark
  2. If you get the PT-010 housing (boxed version) it will come with 5 silica packs.
  3. I just got a pelican 1550 case w/ pick 'n' pluck foam. To save room in the case, should I put the camera inside the underwater housing or should I pluck out two separate slots? Thanks in advance. -- Mark
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