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  1. Thanks, its clear now. I too just used the TTL ii which worked for me in my initial work.
  2. I am also still struggling with this issue.. by the way I am going to use YS-DS1 with mirrorless LUMIX GX1 with nuticam.
  3. Hi all, I have only shoot with point and shoot cameras before. Now I am with Panasonic Lumix GX1 with a YS-D1 strobe. I appreciate if someone can advice (or direct me) to information on flash settings for this system. Regards,
  4. Hi All, I am Sumedha and just joined the forum. I am very new to uw photography and I am planning to shoot basically in Sri Lanka and Australia. I am equiped with below stuff; Lumix GX 1 + Auticam housing + YS-D1 + fish eye So I am having a lot of hopes on mirrorless. Cheers
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