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  1. SOLD Selling my Gates ProExplore underwater housing for the DSMC2 line of REDs (Helium, Monstro, Gemini, Dragon-X). It's been my workhorse for the past 3 years so it does show signs of wear and tear but is fully functional. Included with purchase: - ProExplore Housing ($15280.00 new) - 6" front plate - 6" extension rings ($800.00 new, full set) - 6" glass dome ($1935.00 new) - 6" flat port ($930.00 new) - Nikonos RS front plate ($4219.00 new) - Laowa probe port ($866.00 new) - RED 7" Ultra-brite monitor housing ($3000.00 new) - Delrin rods and lens gears for focus and zoom control - Cables and spares Also selling my RED Helium and Gemini, if you're interested in a full working system, shoot me a message and I can send you details. I've upgraded to the RED Raptor S35 and have my Gates Deep Raptor housing which is why I'm selling. The ProExplore housing is currently getting its full service from Gates but I can send more photos if desired once I get it back. Pictures shown are with 6" flat port, the laowa probe port, and the Nikonos mount (lens not included with package, message if you'd like to buy that as well). Last 2 are stock images but shows the system with the 6" glass port (again, it's getting serviced so will update photos when it returns).
  2. Do you still have the lighting setup for sale? Thanks!
  3. Selling my GH4 setup as I'm moving on to Sony setup. Nauticam housing was purchased brand new at the beginning of September, has about 5 dives on it. I've had the GH4 and 7-14 lens for about a year and a half, GH4 has wear on the eyepiece. I used it mostly for filming real estate videos, loved using it, great 4K video and slow motion. The 12-35mm was purchased in May of this year. If you buy the whole setup, it also comes with 5 batteries, charger, and strap. Let me know if you have any questions! Nauticam-GH4: $1900 Dome port: $200 Panasonic GH4: $900 Panasonic 7-14: $600 Panasonic 12-35: $700 If you buy everything together, I'll discount it. Total price $4000 for whole setup.
  4. Looking to buy a GH4 housing, Nauticam preferred as I already have a port for my 7-14mm lens (wife scratched a rental port so we had to buy but I was able to buff out the scratch) but I'm open to other options. I'm leaving for a trip to Mozambique to work with a non-profit that is trying to setup a marine protected area in Guinjata Bay and would love to get my GH4 underwater. I leave Sept 14th though so looking for something before then. Message me if you're selling or know someone that is, much appreciated!
  5. I know this posting is from a year ago but any chance you still have this housing for sale? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I've got the GH4 and 7-14 already, are you willing to sell the housing and port separately? If so, what price are you looking for? Thanks!
  7. Is this setup still for sale? And if so, are you willing to sell housing separately and at what price? I already have the GH4 so no need for another one, thanks!
  8. Hi, Any chance this setup is still available? Thanks.
  9. Hi Tony, Any chance this setup is still for sale? Thanks, Jeff
  10. Ikelite Housing for Canon EOS Rebel T2i /550D Camera. The housing was fabricated from an older model's housing. It allows access to all the main controls, including shutter, video/live view, iso, +/-, on/off, mode selection, zoom or focus. It was made by professional underwater photographer Edward Manning (www.edmphotography.co.uk). It's a really good, trustworthy housing. Includes housing itself, the dome port, zoom gear, and handle set. Also has a water leak detector. Dome port best used with a wide angle lens, I used a tokina 10-17mm with it. Reply or email me if interested. Looking to get $1200 for it.
  11. Hi, Are you still interested in a Canon 550D underwater housing? I have an ikelite t2i with dome port that I am selling and I am based out of San Diego, CA.
  12. Hi, I see this post is from a few months back but was wondering if this gear is still available? I'm interested, thanks. Jeff
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