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  1. Honestly, the new Olympus fisheye is a fantastic lens. Image quality, even wide open in the corners, is hard to believe. It gives you an amazing amount of freedom for existing light photography. I was doing video of a shipwreck at dusk a few months ago. We had placed lights on the wreck, and I had a diver swimming up the length of the ship. You could just see the glow of dusk in the background. I was using the Panasonic 8mm f/3.5, and had to jack up the ISO to 800-1600. The Olympus would have allowed me to reduce the ISO to 200-400. On a Micro 4/3 camera, that means a huge difference in image quality. I use mine behind the Zen DP-120 with no spacer ring. An absolutely perfect combination.
  2. Both are fast. The Olympus focuses on my GH4 really, really fast, even in low light. I have not compared them directly, but my subjective opinion is that the Olympus is faster. Maybe it has something to do with giving the contrast detect AF system more light to work with.
  3. I recently used one in the Maldives. This lens' raison d'etre? Speed. Here is a shot, taken just after sunset, wide open (f/1.8) at ISO 1600. The Olympus 8mm allowed me to keep a shutter speed of 1/160 sec to stop the action. It would not have been possible with the Panasonic fisheye without raising the ISO by 2 stops, to 6400, which would result in too much noise, or by lowering shutter speed to 1/40 sec, which would result in motion blur.
  4. Bump for this great little macro port!
  5. Bump for this great, lightweight port!
  6. Does anyone know what Wratten number cyan gel I might try over daylight video lights? I have been playing with my Keldan Luna 8s fitted with cyan heads and they are really useful in getting natural-looking footage as deep as 20m or so. I white balance to a combination of the cyan light and ambient, and it gives you a natural looking background, while objects that are close don't go all red. I'd like to find some gels to tape over my Sola 2000s to approximate the same effect as a more compact option. Something that would work well with a GoPro, for instance. It will cost around 2-3 stops of light, but I think it'd be a useful option, nonetheless. Thanks - Jim
  7. Phishphood, Yes, I also have the Macro port 45 for the PanaLeica 45mm macro, and the semi-dome for the Panasonic 7-14 wide zoom. Thanks for looking!
  8. Not exactly what you want, but I could offer you a Nauticam NA-EM5 housing, along with the macro port 45, plus the Olympus EM5 camera body and the PanaLeica 45mm macro lens - a complete macro setup, just add arms and strobes. Let me know if you think that might work for your son and I'll come up with a package deal. It's quite a bit more compact than the GH4 housing (which I am using now).
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