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  1. I can also recommend the leak sentinel - I use in conjunction with the factory fitted moisture alarm in a 5d2 housing. As referenced above, Miso was great at answering queries and offering support.
  2. jonb

    Fish eye

    As Adam says, the Tokina 10-17 vignette's on a 5D, but as it zooms this dissapears (think its about 15/16mm) so is useable. Not really tried for ages as I use the sigma at 15mm for WA. Its also worth noting that there is a Tokina WITHOUT lens petals/hood that may work throughout the zoom range on a FF, but not 100% on this. In fact i think the 'NH' bit of the lens you reference is the 'no hood' version. Perhaps Its also possible that this is strictly an EF-S lens, again double check. Mine has petals and is fine on a Canon 5D2. What is often overlooked with the Tokina and a 5d is the use of a TC 1.4x - I use a TC (Kenko) with a tokina on a 5D2, at which point the Tokina is useable throughout the 14-24 range. Obviously you lose the fisheye effect / less distortion at the top end, and perhaps not what you are looking for for splits. FYI I also use an Aquatica, and use/own the Aquatica zoom gear for this setup. I've not had much opportunity to use this, but have recently done a days diving with this and a 4" minidome (CFWA stuff). I did find that the zoom gear slipped after a couple of dives, so I need to work out a solution for this (probably a bit of tape) and/or speak to Aquatica. It is designed for this setup so I am sure will work. My issue was probably user error, and more than likely a lumpy speedboat thats dislodged it slightly (the site was 50km out and nowhere soft/safe for it to sit). Just meant I was stuck at 23mm or so unless I opened the housing.
  3. jonb

    Is it safe?

    I've had nothing but positive experiences when purchasing - and I've even had a couple of users send me 3D print designs at zero cost.
  4. Thanks a lot for a very comprehensive response Nick - plenty to digest here! And thanks also for the project file - I dont have access to a 3D printer right now, but hopefully I can change that. Otherwise I'll cobble something together with some pieces of plastic and/or an old wetsuit sleeve.
  5. Nick - did you ever find a solution reducing the brightness of your keldan, or a snoot solution? I'm considering some red gel for night dives...mostly as I've generally had more joy with the red insert on my INON focus light, but will look for some snootesque piping to restrict the beam a bit.
  6. I'm honored Sounds like I have missed the boat with a direct order, but good to know for future publications!
  7. Hi Alex, Great to hear about the imminent release. I guess its going to be a painful read...if like me, you're likely to be sat miles away from the coast and months away from your next dive. Hoping to get some decent water time later in the year so look forward to dipping into this with an opportunity to try stuff out. And we both know I could do with some pointers on lighting Hopefully not to crass to ask, but do you benefit (either directly or indirectly) if I order direct from your site? I, as I'm sure many many others would, be more than happy to buy direct from you if it supports you in some way shape or form. Also have visions of you buried in mountains of cardboard packaging and books in your living room! I'll be purchasing regardless, so no worries either way. Cheers.
  8. Hi, I'm keen on the the aquatica adapter - would you ship to the UK? Also, just to confirm, this version takes a 67mm threaded diopter? Thanks
  9. Hi - I'm keen on this, how much to post to the UK? Thanks.
  10. Hi Blibecap, I have an Aquatica 5d1 housing...and I have the tray. Unfortunately the tray is not spare, as it will render the housing useless, I guess a little bit like the one you have! I can send you some pics if thats useful, and help work out some measurements... Let me know. Jon
  11. Thanks Okuma, but this zoom gear needs to clear a TC too, so its a case of needing the right kit for the job. (Still in the market for one if someone happens to have one lying around)
  12. Hi, Could be interested in a couple of bits...I'm assuming from your profile flag that you are based in Canada and these prices are in Canadian dollars, is this correct? And will you ship to the UK?
  13. Wanted, Aquatica Zoom gear for the Tokina 10-17 + 1.4TC (#18731 on canon type 1 charts) Based in the UK.
  14. Are you still looking for the 16-35 extension & zoom? I have one one that is good as new - based in the UK though so P&P will be more expensive than $10
  15. Do you know how much the case would be shipped to the UK? I'm interested if its not too expensive.
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