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  1. In a previous post I have a few images taken with my 400d using both Samyung and the Tokina with a 1.5 Teleconverter in similar conditions behind a 6" Dome.
  2. Last week I tried a comparrison with the Samyung 8mm fisheye and Tokina 10-15mm. I used a Kencor 1.5 teleconverter and although taken on different days (neither good vis) conditions were similar. Both taken with Ikelite 6" Dome, Im have just received my Precision 5" Dome back so will expect a little sharper images next dive.
  3. Here's some images I took today at a local spot with Samyung and 1.5 teleconverter behind a 6"Ikelite dome port. The bigger of these fish are over a meter long.
  4. Far nicer images than what I managed. With the teleconverter on the lens protection petal show up. I carefully ground them smaller.
  5. I use both the Sigma and Tokina with the teleconverter, the Tokina seems to focus right to the glass and seems wider.
  6. I can post one of the three or four total before I noticed a leak in the dome. which cut my dive very short. Only a couple of drops and no damage done. One thing I had to do before using with the Kenco Teleconverter, was grind back the petals protecting the lens. If this is not done they show up in the image.
  7. I've tried one with a Kenco 1.5 Teleconverter in my Ikelite housing I used it with a Precision 5" Dome. The results were fairly promising, I used the Ike focusing ring to change apeture. Unfortunately I have'nt managed to try it again.
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