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  1. I live in Bergen, and have unlimited divesights! But you should visit www.gulendykkesenter.no there you can get alot of info! Or you can contact me, and the club if you come to bergen!
  2. I dont think so.. But on this dive sight, the tidal current gets pretty rough, so either the slugs "throw" themself in to the current, or they loose their grip on the celp. Im pretty new to this hobby, so i dont have that much info on their behaveior...
  3. Thx! Great conditions for photo that day! We are rarely blessed with clear water, so wintertime is the time!
  4. Ive tried one of these filters, but it didnt domits job, so i fixed it using sony vegas instead...
  5. This is the time that the beautiful nudibranches spawn here on the west coast of Norway. So me and my buddy went for some nudibranch hunting! Since the waters are so cold during the winter ( 34F) our only option is a heavy duty drysuit. We managed one hour bottomtime, but then it was time to head for the surface to a hot cup of coffee! I use an canon 350d in an ikelite housing. 160ds strobes and a l&m sola 800 focus light.
  6. The shark is doing us a favor by eating all the ugly clothes!
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