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  1. Hello Im selling my good condition macro gear for the olympus 12 50 lens with an additional panasonic gh5 adapter.. I decided to go with the 60mm lens so im keeping the port for that lens The price is 260 dollars + shiping With this gear you can switch the lens to its macro mode underwater I have a good condition Olympus 12 50 lens for sale at 180 dollars if you are interested
  2. I would be interested with this too....Who knows may be we can try our GH6
  3. Ok in that case i think i will wait to split them ... Thanks a lot
  4. Hello I can sell it to 30 euros + shipping ..İt is not Nauticam but it is for Nauticam housings...UK made and it works perfect.. regards Lutfu
  5. Hello...Yes i can.... It is 450 euros plus shiping but cant send it from UK because im back in Turkey now . Thanks a lot
  6. Hello Im selling my very good condition Panasonic 7 14 lens with zoom gear for Nauticam housings I find myself mostly filming with the 8mm lens so this one just stays at home..... İtem is in Turkey but after 10th of June i can send it from UK The prize is 500 Euros + shipping for both I accept pay pal... Thanks a lot
  7. Hello.I have been there like 8yrs before I think Malta is more like a wide angle place with its wrecks ,caves,caverns and even big arches underwater..I have dived there for 2 days with a company called dive system which i found really good.. The wreck Um El Faroud was really a nice wreck..Actually i havent seen a lot for macro stuff but i wasnt reaally looking for them either. This movie i made, was from then May be it gives you a bit of idea about underwater I would really want to go back there again with new equipments. Hope you enjoy your trip regards Lutfu
  8. a sony trv 125 in a custom housing .But if this is poll only for photo cameras than it was a compact mju from olympus
  9. Thank you very much.. Yes it is very nice location...
  10. I have saga +5 50 USD and + postage from Turkey Pay pal only regards
  11. I don't know if they are still doing but the ur pro was one of the first and best uw filter company
  12. Nearly all my shots are from Mediterranean Turkey https://www.instagram.com/lutfu_tanriover/
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