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  1. lutfu


    Thank you very much Tim G Tobyone Glad you enjoyed it
  2. A trial with a bubble ring
  3. Thank you very much Glad you enjoyed it
  4. Thank you very much SwiftFF5
  5. hello sorry for involving but this looks like for dslr not for mirrorless
  6. Thanks a lot for the kind comments
  7. Excatly Bodrum great diving though
  8. Now I'm jealous too because you must have seen the best times Still very beaitiful but every coming year my favorite places in nature with peace are being replaced by buildings..
  9. Some shots from where i live Place called Fethiye which is at Aegean coast of Turkey
  10. Hello Somehow if anybody doesnt want the zoom ring for 12 35 i can be interested Thanks
  11. 10 meters and Half meter but im not sure if i used the filters last one P3077031.mp4 P3077051.mp4
  12. Once i did this with a ur pro red filter and scubalamp ambient filters in front of scualamp 6vk lights, mediterranean sea the fish are 5 meters and the wreck is about 21 meters P3077112.mp4 P3077114.mp4 P3077116.mp4 P3077117.mp4
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