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  1. Hello if you are looking for N85 , I have one 30 with lock.
  2. Same for me Thank you very much for making the whole process so easy ..for being so helpful about the item and the delivery.. Cant wait to use it ..
  3. Hello Looking for a Nauticam macro port 35 in very good condition Part no SKU # 36139 I have an UK address Can pay pay pal Thank you
  4. Hello Yes im though
  5. Hello Im looking for a Nauticam wwl 1 from Europe since my address is in UK The glass should be perfect without any scratches please I can pay pay pal Thanks a lot
  6. Hello This one called sakaryabasi which is as nice may be even nicer but still 360 km from istanbul there is an old movie with my old gear 8 yrs ago and allways wanted to go back but couldnt find time yet and azmak is like 700 km from ─░stanbul There used to be very clean lakes and rivers around ─░stanbul when i was a child but not anymore since it became a city of nearly 20.000.000 people
  7. No there is no diving base around it ...At least related with it ..But there are ofcourse dive centers in Marmaris and Fethiye which are 30 minutes and 90 minutes to drive...Luckly i have cylinders so sometimes we go and dive there Yes that is correct this is kadin azmagi in Mugla...Have you been there?
  8. Thank you Actually that place is so close to the sea it is like 250 meters before it joins to the sea There were fish though but sea fish and they were so shy
  9. Bump Nauticam mini extension 30 with lock 140 USD Deepshots zoom gear for Panasonic 7 14 lens 40 USD plus shipping Thanks
  10. Bump Price reduced to 6000 USD Open to reasonable offers Thanks
  11. Hello Thanks for the reply but i have just made an agrrement and paid ..Waiting the items to arrive... Yours are better price though and i wish i saw them last week when i was in dumaguete also regards Lutfu
  12. Hello Actually i have will be there between 14 27 December , but i will be coming from Turkey but the housing is in UK I can check if anybody i know from UK comes to Turkey before i fly to Philliphines Cheers Lutfu
  13. Olympus 60mm macro SOLD Nauticam mini extension 30 with lock 150 dollars + shipping Deepshots Panasonic 7 14 Zoom gear 45 dollars + shipping
  14. Hello A freshwater dive from Anatolia
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