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  1. https://vimeo.com/81229394 Hello This is some shots from my dives in Malta i hope you enjoy Comments are always wellcome thanks
  2. Guys,I'm sure you watched this already but in case you haven't I put the link here.... Unfortunately I have nothing to do with surfing but that movie is awesome.....
  3. The strange thing is; from 3.27 to 3 47,the footage is originaly belongs to me,have no idea how it is gone there....good thing is they must have found it worth using.... my footage is here https://vimeo.com/3118746
  4. Hello, Is there anybody selling a clean, scratch free dome port for the amphibico phenom or endevour housing? Regards and thanks
  5. Hello,is there anything left that you are selling from that set ,I can be interested with the dome ports and the pentamirror,are they still available Thanks..
  6. Sory !!! An other question.By the way I managed to take the dome element off and managed to clean and replaced it, it was hard work though. My other question is how do you place the 2 filters in their places in the phenom bousing, I'm trying to put a macro and a red filter in , but it seems like there is no space for 2 filters at the same time,so why there is 2 filter places in the housing? I must be doing something wrong..... Thanks again...
  7. Thank you guys for the information,best is to send it away I think
  8. Hello...do you still have that set? If so can you send me a mail with the price ,to lutfutan@yahoo.com please Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot,yes that works............also I have an other question, can we seperate the dome part of the 94 angle wide lens to make a cleaning . Is it possible to do? There seems some dust between the lens and the dome, I want to get rid of them......thanks..
  10. Hello......how thick are the marumi ones for 67mm...thanks for the nice info
  11. hello With the amphibico phenom fxz1 housing can I go for auto white balance and turn back to manual again underwater? Iit seems like I can't find a way to do so. thanks
  12. Hello. I'm interested with the item ,can you mail me from campbelllaura@hotmail.com about shipment . Thanks a lot
  13. Hello... Whats the cost to post it to Thailand... My email is lutfutan@yahoo.com.....If you email me from that address would be nice.. Thanks....
  14. Hello What are you going to go to let for 700.I will be in UK untill 10th. Im interested with the item...Can you mail me at lutfutan@yahoo.com... Thanks
  15. Hello.. I wil be in Bangkok in November....Will you still be there then? Im interested with the item.. Thanks
  16. Hello... How much would you ask just for the housing....I have the camera already Thanks a lot
  17. Hello... Im interested with the item.Im also based in UK Southampton...Is it still for sale?
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