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  1. This was 3 years ago Phllipines which seems so far away now
  2. Davide I totaly agree with you .What my opinion is; best length for those kinds of clips is between 2 and 3 minutes. However this project is not fnished and i think i will not fnish it.. I started it 2019 August and was planing to fnish it 2020 early summer. But you know the rest, i hardly dived again and the model is now changed a lot... Cant face to start again I think i lost the enthusiasm about it. So i just keep it like that and call it a trial... But thanks for the interest and for your suggestion anyway.
  3. woow really nice . Which port is he using?
  4. at 12 mm 4 4 2 10 bit 4k 150 Mbps with wwl1
  5. seems like, but then wont be able to put a macro converter in front of the port either by the way i tried in the water so it didnt vignate on that setting
  6. Oh i see but when tou fully zoom with the 12 35, the lens gets 22 mm longer and i think when you film at 12 mm it will vignate with n85 ports because of that 22mm distance behind the glass..
  7. Hello Davide I attached 20 extension to my macro port 35 for the 14 42 and i put the 12 35 in it. It seems it is ok but no room at all for zooming . i hope not but may be it even touches to the glass of the port inside. I attached the wwl1 and took that picture from a video for you. This was taken from a 24 fps video This is taken on surface obviously but i havent tried underwater yet. I dont know may be when water comes between the port and wwl1 it magnifies and the vignetting dissapears a bit. By the way i dont live in a surrealistic home so my door and windows are actually straight
  8. I had a similar lense with my tg5 and it was vigneting also so i had to use it with zooming in a bit..
  9. I have the 30 extension and the 4 inch dome for the fisheye thanks
  10. Polish doesnt work at all..just forget it I have changed mine for about 400 US dollars plus the delivery coasts for both ways.
  11. if you split interested with 12 35 zoom gear
  12. Hey Marco thats amazing and it looks like he found a better home now regards Lutfu
  13. Thanks a lot DB for detailed answer All clips looking amazing welldone to whole team regards Lutfu
  14. Very nice DB, congrulations. Im a mediterranean person as well but cant go that deep unfortunately which metering mode are you using? Thanks a lot Lutfu
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