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  1. Hello DB Such a nice video congrulations Did marco use gh4 also for the photos? Thanks...
  2. This is a movie of legendary turkish underwater film maker Haluk Cecan (1946 2007) He is always been an inspiration for Turkish underwater image takers. His films are so unique and different style..This movie got 7 international awards from main underwater festivals ...All that film was made by 3 people...it is in French language
  3. Hello the new price is 600 euros with the lens 500 euros without I can take it to uk in May thanks
  4. Hi-Max UV9 Underwater Video Light 5200LM with Red/UV/White led diving flashlight UW 100M waterproof spot light Scuba lamp Hello im selling two of my lights which i have been using since last year the batteries are still holding the charge for about 50 minutes full power, they are ys adapters and i changed one of the adapter Price is 800 dollars for both items are in Turkey but can take to UK in April Pay pal thanks Brand Name: HI-MAX Model Number: UV9 Brightness: 5200 lumen+ Diving Height: 100m Mode: 100%-75%-50%-25% Beam angle: 110 degree, 30 degree Spot Light: 2*CREE XM-L2 U2 (1000lm) Wide Light: 8*CREE XM-L2 U2 (5200lm+) Red Light: 2*CREE XP-E N4 620nm Red (150lm) UV Light: 3* 365nm+1* 410nm UV (300mW) Battery: 4x 3400mAh 18650 battery pack LED color temp: 5000-5500K
  5. all in good condition items are in Turkey now but April I can take them to UK new 915 euros without the lens ..I ask 750 euros with the lens
  6. Hello Im selling nauticam zoom and macro gear for the 12 50 Olympus lens and the Olympus 12 50 lens itself With this set up you can switch the lens between its macro mode and wide mode underwater, the items are in good condition and it also has the zoom ring for gh5 as well I think I will mostly do macro this year so I want to change my gear to a dedicated Olympus 60mm macro.. im asking 350 euros for both ....I can accept pay pal if anybody wants to switch it with a good condition Olympus 60mm macro lens I can consider that as well the items are in Turkey at the moment but at the end of april I can bring them to uk as well thanks
  7. Thank you very much Matdiver 1234...I will try that..
  8. Hello This film is about the starting point of River Sakarya which borns in Middle Anatolia and ends at Black sea after runing 800 kilometers..i have filmed this about 5 yrs ago with a good old sony hvrz1 and decided to reedit again..
  9. Coming from gh4 i think having the ibis underwater is a great thing (for me at least) İ have the gh5 now but i havent used it uw that much until now..this one i have filmed back in october . İ have 5000x2 lights but at some sceneries i havent used them at all...Unfortunately i cant remember my iso vallues .... those caves were dark actually ..
  10. Hello DB Actually i did film in v log underwater but you cant count it as a normal dive...it was a night filming and i had to use the pana 12 35 for the 2.8 aperture because of low lightning situation....i dont think it will answer your question but it is still v log underwater....and as i told being so lazy on the surface i havent grade it. so i dont know the results...but i have been told that they were ok... if you want to try you can download the footage from https://wetransfer.com/downloads/f6a0b5a1e3851df5fec61c982b2fab1920180110113230/6d8a66568ae0e5abbda264d8bbe54d7f20180110113230/5c8a6b regards Lutfu
  11. uuppss sorry everybody didn't notice that i found this forum then.. https://www.scubaboard.com/community/threads/looking-for-a-book-on-uw-videography.459284/
  12. Hello i bumped to this i havent read it so i have no idea.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Guide-Underwater-Wildlife-Video-Editing/dp/0755213947
  13. hello I tried the gh5 on a dive in caves and tunnels underwater...no grading ,auto wb, scenery mode. had to dive with a big group though..
  14. thanks for the reply...im a bit lazy out of the water so im trying to find what I can do in the water I filmed this slow motion 4k mode 4 2 0 100 mb ..yes actualy this was the best until now I could do about the colors...I have so much purple filmings from last week but now getting a bit better.. Thanks for the reply again regards lutfu
  15. Hello The lady is going to try the world record of 112 meters at 12th of November and i just filmed the practice with a gh5. Coming from gh4 i found the gh5 also an amazing camera,especially the is works perfect... But i still couldn't get rid of the purplish color when i film wide angle in blue water....With gh4 i had the same issue but in time i kind of managed to get satisfactory blue color , but with this one even im trying to do same setings that i was doing with gh4 ,like combinations of wb, hue, saturation , photo style...it doesnt seem like it is working good....İ hope in time i can manage...İ also noticed the screen shows a lot more purple than the wiewfinder...Do you have the same issues about the color of the blue water Thanks and regards Lutfu https://youtu.be/5R9qhgTxap8
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