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  1. Impressive. Can you tell us more about the process? Did you find the spot and then dove there regularly? Hello This is from 3 different octopus from different places..and different times actually..with the last one i was lucky because it was close where i live , so i could manage to get some footage of it as well
  2. Happy and proud to announce that my short film "The Mother" was selected to play at the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, Inc. this year. Octopuses are one time mothers because they die after releasing their eggs.More than a month they use all their energy to clean and blow water on their eggs... I hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKTVe0-x_iQ&app=desktop Music; suddenly yours by 2002
  3. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61987 I think this amazing movie shot by this set up
  4. İnteresting the ones in lake Van were more look like New York though
  5. Hello Adam Thanks for the interest and I didn't know that microbialites are such beautiful and interesting things. I definitely have to go again will be appreciated if you go and share your experiences here regards Lutfu
  6. Thanks Benedika it was really interesting I definitely want to back there again since I scratched my port and the best parts (According to me) I had to film with a scratched port..
  7. Hello No actually it wasn't as salty as ocean..it was so bitter though.....and it was a bit like diving in silicone because the form of the water was strange.. İt wasn't good for my ear and lips but im not 100 percent sure if it was because of the water. but definitely not good for open injuries. the interesting thing about there was we went there to film microbialites but we found an unknown part of an urartu castle from 700 bc
  8. Hello some coulumns were like 15 20 meters high and especially the bottom of those were so cold compare to the surface of the water... I don't know if it explains but a more scientific definition of water I paste below Lake Van is a terminal soda lake located in a semiarid region (eastern Anatolia, Turkey). Its geographical setting makes Lake Van a superb archive of paleoenvironmental changes. One of the aims of the ICDP PALEOVAN project is the reconstruction of the hydrological and climatic variability in the eastern Mediterranean region and the Near East on glacial/interglacial and millennial time scales. We applied a multi-proxy approach to distinguish the environmental synsedimentary imprint and the postsedimentary diagenetic changes. Microfaunal evidence, carbonate isotopic composition (d18O, d13C), molecular proxies (BIT, ACE) and isotopic composition of lipid biomarkers (dD) are matched with isotopic and elemental composition (d18O, dD, Mg, Ca, Sr, Cl, salinity) of sediment pore-water. An excellent correspondence between these proxies indicates that the elemental composition of pore water in Lake Van does not result from diagenetic changes, but, unlike in many cases known from marine environment, represents to some extent relicts of 'paleolake-water'. On the contrary, the stable isotopic composition of the pore water (d18O, dD) seems to reflect more recent hydrological regime dominated by precipitation/evaporation changes. As salinity and chlorine concentration changes mimic the isotopic composition of biomarkers for the last 140 ka, we use pore-water data to quantify changes in the lake level. Our reconstruction (Tomonaga et al., in review) is in line with previous studies on lake terraces (Kuzucuoglu et al., 2010) and seismic surveys (Cukur et al., 2012) showing a major transgression of up to 105 m with respect to the current lake level during the last interglacial (MIS5e), and a major regression of ~145 m at ~30 ka BP during the last glacial. Kuzucuoglu et al. (2010) Formation of the Upper Pleistocene terraces of Lake Van (Turkey). Journal of Quaternary Science 25, 1124-1137. Cukur et al. (2012) Sedimentary evolution of Lake Van (Eastern Turkey) reconstructed from high-resolution seismic investigations. International Journal of Earth Sciences 102, 571-585 Tomonaga et al. (in review) Porewater salinity reveals past lake-level changes in the Earth's largest soda lake.
  9. Hello İt should be less dissolved stuff because the water coming out was colder actually...
  10. Hello filmed those microbialites in Turkey with gh5 and a 8mm lens Hope you enjoy
  11. Hello Pajpen my settings were f 6.3 sh 60 and iso was 250 noise rduction 0 long shtr noise reducrion off glad you liked it..
  12. Hello DB Such a nice video congrulations Did marco use gh4 also for the photos? Thanks...
  13. This is a movie of legendary turkish underwater film maker Haluk Cecan (1946 2007) He is always been an inspiration for Turkish underwater image takers. His films are so unique and different style..This movie got 7 international awards from main underwater festivals ...All that film was made by 3 people...it is in French language
  14. Hello the new price is 600 euros with the lens 500 euros without I can take it to uk in May thanks
  15. Hi-Max UV9 Underwater Video Light 5200LM with Red/UV/White led diving flashlight UW 100M waterproof spot light Scuba lamp Hello im selling two of my lights which i have been using since last year the batteries are still holding the charge for about 50 minutes full power, they are ys adapters and i changed one of the adapter Price is 800 dollars for both items are in Turkey but can take to UK in April Pay pal thanks Brand Name: HI-MAX Model Number: UV9 Brightness: 5200 lumen+ Diving Height: 100m Mode: 100%-75%-50%-25% Beam angle: 110 degree, 30 degree Spot Light: 2*CREE XM-L2 U2 (1000lm) Wide Light: 8*CREE XM-L2 U2 (5200lm+) Red Light: 2*CREE XP-E N4 620nm Red (150lm) UV Light: 3* 365nm+1* 410nm UV (300mW) Battery: 4x 3400mAh 18650 battery pack LED color temp: 5000-5500K
  16. all in good condition items are in Turkey now but April I can take them to UK new 915 euros without the lens ..I ask 750 euros with the lens
  17. Hello Im selling nauticam zoom and macro gear for the 12 50 Olympus lens and the Olympus 12 50 lens itself With this set up you can switch the lens between its macro mode and wide mode underwater, the items are in good condition and it also has the zoom ring for gh5 as well I think I will mostly do macro this year so I want to change my gear to a dedicated Olympus 60mm macro.. im asking 350 euros for both ....I can accept pay pal if anybody wants to switch it with a good condition Olympus 60mm macro lens I can consider that as well the items are in Turkey at the moment but at the end of april I can bring them to uk as well thanks
  18. Thank you very much Matdiver 1234...I will try that..
  19. Hello This film is about the starting point of River Sakarya which borns in Middle Anatolia and ends at Black sea after runing 800 kilometers..i have filmed this about 5 yrs ago with a good old sony hvrz1 and decided to reedit again..
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