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  1. Hello i bumped to this i havent read it so i have no idea.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Guide-Underwater-Wildlife-Video-Editing/dp/0755213947
  2. hello I tried the gh5 on a dive in caves and tunnels underwater...no grading ,auto wb, scenery mode. had to dive with a big group though..
  3. thanks for the reply...im a bit lazy out of the water so im trying to find what I can do in the water I filmed this slow motion 4k mode 4 2 0 100 mb ..yes actualy this was the best until now I could do about the colors...I have so much purple filmings from last week but now getting a bit better.. Thanks for the reply again regards lutfu
  4. Hello The lady is going to try the world record of 112 meters at 12th of November and i just filmed the practice with a gh5. Coming from gh4 i found the gh5 also an amazing camera,especially the is works perfect... But i still couldn't get rid of the purplish color when i film wide angle in blue water....With gh4 i had the same issue but in time i kind of managed to get satisfactory blue color , but with this one even im trying to do same setings that i was doing with gh4 ,like combinations of wb, hue, saturation , photo style...it doesnt seem like it is working good....İ hope in time i can manage...İ also noticed the screen shows a lot more purple than the wiewfinder...Do you have the same issues about the color of the blue water Thanks and regards Lutfu https://youtu.be/5R9qhgTxap8
  5. Filmed this around 15 meters mediterranean Turkey
  6. HELLO is the nauticam macro port and the zoom gear of Olympus 12 50 for gh5 different from the port and zoom gear of Olympus 12 50 for gh4 with gh5 cant I use my nauticam port and zoom gear for 12 50 which I was using with gh4 thanks lutfu
  7. Yes it is though thanks everybody im glad you enjoyed it
  8. Hello this is the trailer of a budget turkish cinema film called MORE which I filmed the underwater parts with a sony a7sll ....not much underwater scenery in the trailer though....off course Turkish cinema is not hollywood but a7s still did the job... www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8g2mQX8dc0 thanks
  9. So nice David thanks for posting and yes the places are really similar You are right the camera is Sony hvr z1...Actualy i filmed this 4 yrs ago and for some reason i wanted to edit again... I had to walk in the bushes and in the mud with a big chunky z1 housing also.......but still miss it tough..
  10. Hello, yes the crabs are that kind and endemic to euroasia but the shrimps only can be found around this river
  11. Thanks for watching , Sorry i missed some information but i provided them now...
  12. Hello This is a film from birth place of a 840 kilometers long river. The river is called Sakarya ,it is in Turkey this is such a beautiful place...I hope you enjoy it as well And the music is Katia by Kinema
  13. Thanks Mike ,im glad you enjoyed ,t
  14. Hello Jeff thanks for the comment , i used to work in Thailand too but after my second child it became impossible......i know you and your amazing photos also...but that was like 6 years ago....where can we see the latest ones? thanks and regards Lutfu
  15. Sory about thati but it is only a part of the film which bbc sent to me themselves....may be issues from you tube also, but i put an other link now which you can try from. hope it works.....i would be appreciated if you let me know, if the link works. thanks again
  16. Hello 2015 i filmed a very rare squid egg and the BBC got interested with the footage and the story So here is the program BBC made Enjoy watching.... https://www.facebook.com/derinunderwaterfilm/videos/539280836278561/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  17. I filmed this octopus with a gh4 and 14 42 lens Hope you enjoy
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