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  1. Thanks Mike ,im glad you enjoyed ,t
  2. Hello Jeff thanks for the comment , i used to work in Thailand too but after my second child it became impossible......i know you and your amazing photos also...but that was like 6 years ago....where can we see the latest ones? thanks and regards Lutfu
  3. Sory about thati but it is only a part of the film which bbc sent to me themselves....may be issues from you tube also, but i put an other link now which you can try from. hope it works.....i would be appreciated if you let me know, if the link works. thanks again
  4. Hello 2015 i filmed a very rare squid egg and the BBC got interested with the footage and the story So here is the program BBC made Enjoy watching.... https://www.facebook.com/derinunderwaterfilm/videos/539280836278561/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
  5. I filmed this octopus with a gh4 and 14 42 lens Hope you enjoy
  6. I know it is impossible but it would be good at least if we could put our gh4 into the gh5 housing if we cant do the opposite
  7. Hello Thanks for the comment Actually even it looks scary there is no galleries in any caverns here so any point you go you can still see the big blue exit...Everybody is having a torch before the dive but i dont know about a spare one....and actually they only take divers with a certain amount of dive and also the company guys dont let customers dive there before doing an other dive with them to an other place.... you are right, because it is a bit dark and cave kind of dive a few divers had some problems because of excitment ...
  8. Hello This is one of my favorite dive sights in Turkey A nice cavern called Afkule or Aladdins Cavern Filmed with a Panasonic GH4 except between 35.-42. seconds Thanks for watching music: cafe del mar
  9. hello sorry i just managed to load the video thanks
  10. hello I have filmed these things last year in mediterranean cost of Turkey I have been diving the place for years and that was the only time i noticef these things Any idea of what they can be Thanks a iot
  11. İ agree from a to z what you have written here In fact i stopped my pro account last month with vimeo and than they started to send me offers like 15 percent cheaper.for the same account..may be it was a campaign but i didnt like it that i have been offered cheaper options for something i have been paying for years And once i quit the pro account and became regular member they deleted some of my movies as well (not deleted but they are not visible in my movies anymore I HOPE) plus, one of my movies have about 8 000 000 clicks on it but i havent benefit it at all , i always wonder if it was in you tube would i be paid for clicks after a certain amount??? thanks Lutfu
  12. Hello Davide No i was using a sony hvr z1 ..i think that was like 3 or 4 yrs ago.... conditions were hard...it is really dark water... regards Lutfu
  13. Hello Davide If those are what u need,i filmed them in Istanbul about 25 meters deep if you want to come and film you are more than welcome ,also the dive company owes me 4 dives ,we can share it as well regards Lutfu
  14. Hello Scuba Bob thanks for the comment Im glad you enjoyed
  15. oh sorry no im not using a filter just to the sand but mostly with my lights on regards
  16. Hello Nick Thanks for the comment, I discover that music recently ( a friends suggestion) and iliked it a lot also. so for the next movies probably i will be using them....... About the white balance im using manual white balance, most of the shots here are not so deep so it wasnt a big big issue to get the colors but for me after like 24 meters then it starts to get difficult..... thanks Lutfu
  17. Hello DB Actually although You tube seems to be a better option for me also i cant make myself switch to it for some reason ,,, I couldnt notice somethng major at the sceneries but may be because im using an old laptop with a screen putting not much detail in,,will check on tv,, About the lens i mostly shot those with a panasonic 7 14 and the sea horse was wıth olympus 12 50 with a +5 saga diopter and the octopus was with a panasonic 14 42 II untill last year if we see a turtle on a dive it would be a mirracle but last 2 years we have bays like 10 of them in one place....we dont know what has changed but should be researched,,,,may be next year you start to see them also,,,, regards Lutfu
  18. Hello DB Thanks for your comment,Actually when i see your videos, im wishing the same thing about Turkish Mediterranean waters,especially after your last one,, im using the scenery mode at the moment with both the saturation and hue is +1 and others are in the middle about the bandıng can you let me know excatly which time it is visible so i can check properly Thanks again for your comment regards Lutfu
  19. Hello this is some slow motion footage from Mediterranean waters I used a GH4 filming this....Music; cafe del mar thanks
  20. hello plumas i have sent you a pm thanks
  21. Thanks a lot SwiftFF5 for your comment.... You should definitely visit..it is baiitiful here...let me know before hand so i can tell you the nice dive sights as well...
  22. Hello This is a film from where i live called Fethiye .It is in Turkey This has been filmed with a good old Z1 in an Amphibico housing which i think i was enjoying more than my newer mirrorless system..... Hope you like music Underwolves 68 Moves Café Del Mar
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