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  1. Hello Thank you very much for the useful information that you provided we will see if will make a good deal that everybody is happy thank you very much again
  2. Hello one of the leading tv companies has asked to use my footage in a program and to interview me also. Any idea what sort of price i should ask. Or would they expect it to be without charge. i have no idea. Thanks
  3. Hello Sorry to hear that your equipment flooded I havent been to those places so i dont know the distances between the places but there should be a dive resort called papua explorers in raya ampat and the phone number is +62 822-4814-8888 and the owners name is Tunc he used to film with a canon xh a1 in a gates housing...i dont know if that suits you or if he is renting it out but if you want you can speak to him ...may be he helps in an other way good luck
  4. Thanks a lot for watching it and im glad you enjoyed guys About the ryizophysa a biologist told me that the reason why it makes itself small when i was closest is to make its poison more concentrated.
  5. Hello this is a movie i gathered from some unusual stuff that i filmed last summer.i have been diving those waters long time but only saw them last summer...
  6. Thanks for your answers so i think i want to go that way since i broke my 7 14 lens (on land) ,i will go for [Pana 14-42 II Mega + port35 + WWL-1] option..... And how will this set up work for macro with +5 or + 10 macro obtions or cmc , smc? thanks again..
  7. Hello This is a photo taken by olympus 12 50 + WWL-1 taken by a friend and the numbers are Focal length ı: 22mm f8 1/60 iso : 200 it seemed quite good to me but if it is vigneting at 12 end it is not so useful for me.. . Do you know if this combo vignates at 14 end ? Pana 14-42 II Mega + port35 + WWL-1 Thanks a lot
  8. yes the movie is cool you are wellcome
  9. What a nice movie i just wanted to share https://www.facebook.com/DiscoveryourEarth/videos/916260441744284/
  10. Hello This is from 5 years ago from the world underwater photography championship from Bodrum Turkey.... İt is too long like 20 minutes,but now when i look at it some very important names of uwp was there also Unfortunately filmed with sd camera hope you enjoy it https://vimeo.com/77708987 and if you wonder you can find the photos and winers of this competetion here http://www.cmas.org/visual/114-37143-php hope you enjoy...
  11. Thanks a lot for the answers....sory im so new in photo camera filming, so may be my questions doesnt make much sense.......So the Pana 14-42 II Mega + port35 seems the widest option without any vignating....And as it is mentioned above, how come the 12 32 lens does not vignate but the 12 50 does...The 12 50 would be so good with its macro obtion on itself but ofcourse vignating is not good Thanks
  12. Hello sory if it is mentioned before in the forum but may be i mised it Will the WWL work with the olympus 12 50 lens 'n the Nauticam N85 Macro Port / will it vignate at the 12 end Thanks and happy healthy new year to all
  13. Hello A bit late but the 2016 one is on the way so i put it now This was my film which was choosen for the 1st place in the video snap shot category in 2015 Beneath The Sea imaging contest . thanks for watching
  14. Hello Casbiba Im glad you like it.. I was using a panasonic 7 14 lens and yes i was relaying on the depth of field..... Thanks again Lutfu
  15. Hello Nick Thanks for the comment I used the option in the gh4 menu, in the video mode at rec quality setings i chose the vfr available one and again in the video menu i chose the variable frame rate on and i chose the 96 fps underwater i just filmed like i always do,And actualy many of the shots here are because i forgat the vfr on And the morray was the first moray kind of attack me ...i saw and filmed many of them but never seen such behaviour before...i think i was at wrong place wrong time...
  16. My first slow motion film with the Panasonic GH4....Only the 3 th clip filmed by a Sony z1 and slowed down by me Music is The voyage home by 2002
  17. Hello leo999. thanks for the interest.yes the place is in Turkey
  18. Hello, this is a filming with a gh4 in freshwater Turkey
  19. yes it worked. when i turned off the continuous af, the sound cut off Thanks thetricster for the help But dont we need that feature when we are filming? And guys with gh4 out there when you turn this feature on, do your cameras make this funy sound Thanks and regards Lutfu
  20. Hello SWink May be i was a bit quick to write that i started to manage to get rid of the purple color because my tryings were up to 19 20 meters.....i will try deeper today....but what i did up to 18 meters was i put it to scenery setting (it worked a bit for the custom setting as well but not the custom setting on the wheel, the custom setting in the picture setting like scenery,cine d ,cine v,custom). Then i made manual wb from something whitish. what realy made a difference for me i put the hue setting +3 or +4 and then from white balance color chart i went a bit to greenside and a bit up may be here in Med the water is realy blue so i dont know if it works for other places but anybody tries and writes their experiences i would be appreciated thanks a lot (note: when i went to 18 meters the day before the visibility was poor and tried to manual wb there, the camera couldnt make it and put a cayenne color on everything, then i went back to 12 meters and did it it worked, then i went back to 18 and playing with the wb color chart i managed to get ok ish colors....)
  21. Thanks a lot guys for all the nice advices...At least one of my gh4 problem is being solved and it looks like i start to manage to get rid of the kind of purple color a bit as well....horraaaay https://vimeo.com/142002192
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