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  1. thanks a lot , i will try this tomorrow since i dont have the camera with me now... i hope it works
  2. https://vimeo.com/141811502 yes the focus is locked but the noise is still there anybody having the same issue like that thanks
  3. Hello it seems to happen a lot to me, is there a way to prevent this reflecting issue rather than filming against the sun. Im having this from many angles unfortunately https://vimeo.com/141028204
  4. Hello i have thoose filmings from same place but canon mark3 from April and GH4 from September Actually last week we dived together but i dont have the files from any camera yet..once i get the files i can load them also so this one is with canon mark3 and the second one is with gh4 as far as i know the guy with canon uses auto wb but i did manual wb from the stones and september unfortunately they cut the long plants underwater....
  5. Thanks for the information guys the last movie(the carpet one) was with an olympus 14 42 ,i will get my lenses 7 14 and olympus 12 50 a week later, i will make tryings with them and share the results here thanks again
  6. Hello, i couldnt wait and told friends to send me the camera and it is with me now...... I think it makes the sound out of the housing as well . I think iespace is right , it looks like a focus motor sound, when i put the camera to manual focus i didnt hear the sound But why a camera records the focus motor sound! ? What can be wrong with it, https://vimeo.com/140033947
  7. Can it be the housing? But how? This is with olympus 14 42 https://vimeo.com/139951945 and this one out the housing
  8. i wish it was the boat engine but on the lake there were only cyclıng dolphins, the lens was a 7 14 brand new but the version was 1.1 (İ dont know if there is a newer update for the lens) also when i used the camera 3 weeks ago i filmed with an olympus 14 42, i will try to find those files and try to listen if the same sound is coming
  9. hello this is my first filming with gh4 ,i filmed this last week but when i turned back home i noticed that a strange sound is coming from my recordings... since the camera is not with me.i can not test if it makes the same sound . does anybody else had this issue? i will get the camera back a week later.. https://vimeo.com/139876448
  10. Believe me it wasnt,no body wants to give anything Thanks for your nice comment
  11. thanks to national geographic gave an explanation so it is a giant squid egg mass...
  12. the tunafish were in the cage unfortunately
  13. Last weekend from Cesme which is a nice town on the Aegean cost of Turkey
  14. When i filmed this i had no idea what it was and would make that much impact.... later it had been decided that it was a giant squid eggmass enjoy watching https://vimeo.com/133076936
  15. it is said to be a giant squids eggmass
  16. i managed to replace a better version now...
  17. Hello Nihal I used a sony z1 camera to film this, but i rendered it to a smaller file size to put to vimeo due to my internet connection problems ,then the quality is gone down a bit unfortunately.
  18. Hello Thanks for the comment..This is filmed at Fethiye Turkey at 26 meters Cheers Lutfu Thanks a lot
  19. https://vimeo.com/133076936 hello this is filmed about 20 meters in mediterranean
  20. hello this is a squid laying eggs Mediterranean sea https://vimeo.com/133045422
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