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  1. Darryl, I already have a buyer for the camera, so, yes - I would sell the housing only. The price is $2,100 US, the buyer pays for shipping and insurance. The housing is for both the Nikon D800 and D800E camera bodies - both cameras operate exactly the same in the housing with no changes required (the only difference between the two cameras is that the D800E version does not have an optical low-pass filter over the imaging sensor - this has nothing to do with the housing/camera function). Regards, Cameron
  2. The vacuum system is installed at the bulkhead fitting and is basically part of the housing - it's not available separately for purchase, sorry.
  3. Mitchell - are you looking for only the housing or only the vacuum lock system? Cameron
  4. I'm upgrading U/W system. Both items are low mileage and very well-maintained: FOR SALE: Nauticam NA-D800 Housing with Vacuum Lock/Leak Detection System. In 2016, housing received full rebuild with all new O-rings by Reef Photo ($400) - routine maintenance. Housing is in outstanding condition. Nikon D800E - low shutters, 9+ condition. Regular Nikon service. Reefnet Subsee Magnifier +10 Lens Reefnet Subsee Magnifier +5 Lens Includes: spare housing O-ring, extra camera tray for camera/housing, camera battery, charger, vacuum lock pump, camera manual Price = $3,150.00 + shipping/insurance
  5. Hi Dave, Like many of us, I rarely need to use a compass, but I do always have one underwater. I use a compass with hose mount, and keep it mounted on my back-up regulator hose near the second stage, which I keep clipped at my right lower BC ring. The mount allows me to twist the compass so it's in the right spot to look at when I look down at it At that spot, I can read it without having to hold or touch it. I've got enough going on with my housing and wouldn't want the clutter of a compass on it. Hope this helps, Cameron
  6. I suppose sunscreen would help, depending on your skin sensitivity, and how exposed to the sun you are, but quite frankly it seems silly to take a drug that's known to increase sun sensitivity when you know you're going to the equator and are going to be on the water for an extended period of time. Most divers take Malarone because they have acceptable results while using it on dive trips. If it were me, unless the doctor could cite lots of literature supportive of Doxy and against Malarone, I'd get a new doctor. Btw, I've never had a doctor who was adverse to prescribing Malarone. I'm sure you'll have a great time whichever way you go!
  7. Dustin, All drugs have some side-effects, and based on my experience, Malarone is the best. The 3 drugs that I've been prescribed for diving in malaria zones are: Malarone, Doxycycline, and Lariam. Doxycycline increases sun-sensitivity, and while I've used it, it was a bad choice while on the equator and constantly exposed to intense water reflection and sun. None of my dive group uses it. Lariam is known to cause neurological and psycholgical symptoms in some people, and as of last year, carries a 'black box' warning from the FDA. Most of us had mood swings on Lariam, some found it unpleasant. Malarone has been known to cause vivid dreams in some people, but when I do a live aboard, those that are taking anti-malarial drugs are always using Malarone, and no one complains about it. Hope this helps, Cameron
  8. These items are near new. I bought them for a friend who thought she would learn how to use them, and she never did. They went out on a couple camera lessons and then sat in a camera bag. The camera probably has fewer than 500 shutter actuations, and the flash much less. Selling Price for all is $1,395.00 This includes: Nikon D300 Shoulder Strap Magic Lantern Instruction Manual for D300 Nikon Battery for D300 Battery Charger + Spare Battery Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8 DX Zoom Lens Lens Hood, Case, and Cap Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Speedlight case
  9. Repeat: This system has been SOLD. Thank you very much for your interest.
  10. This system is now sold. Thank you for your interest.
  11. The new and final price for the package is $1,650.
  12. I dove the Atlantis Azores last year, doing the Leyte itinerary. The boat is great, the itinerary isn't - mostly bleached corals with a big crown-of-thorns problem. No one in our group of 12 enjoyed the Leyte itinerary. I would consider Tubbataha, or better yet, a new itinerary that my group suggested that they are now doing: Malapascua/Cebu. Malapascua is as close as you can get to seeing guaranteed thresher sharks, but the 4 AM wake up to do a land-based dive is too hard, so it's much better suited to live aboard diving. The reef scenic and macro diving on that itinerary is also very good. The attached Blue Ringed Octopus was from Malapascua.
  13. For Sale: Extremely well cared-for. This would be ideal for the learning or experienced underwater photographer that doesn't want the expense and hassle of putting together a brand new complete system. It took outstanding images for me on 4 or 5 trips. Great value - it includes lots of costly extra and spare items (see pictures for more info). Price is $2,350 plus shipping: 2 Nikon D200 Bodies - very low use, one was for a spare. Sea & Sea DX 200 Housing. Very well cared-for: a few unimportant scratches on paint, and a scuff on the glass on the back that is unnoticeable underwater. 2 Sea & Sea Flat Ports. 1 Sea & Sea 8" Acrylic Wide-Angle Dome Port. 2 Sea & Sea Port Extension Rings. Nikon 28-70mm 3.5 - 4.5 Zoom Lens. Zoom gear for Nikon 28-70/Sea & Sea. Focus Gear for Nikon 105mm Macro lens. 2 Ikelite DS 160 Substrobes with batteries - very low use. 2 Ikelite TTL Converters (1 is new). 1 Ikelite Dual TTL Sync Cord 1 Ikelite Dual Manual Sync Cord. Ultralight 8" & 5" arms & clamps - as pictured. Floats for Ultralight arms. 2 Pelican Focus Lights with Sea & Sea Housing Mount. 1 Ikelite Smart Charger for DS 160 Substrobe. 1 Nikon Battery Charger. 3 Nikon EN-EL3e Batteries for D200. Multiple Spare Sea & Sea O-Rings and lubricant. 2 Instruction Manuals for Nikon D200 Camera.
  14. John, The system has been sold. I'll wait a few days for the dust to settle, and then adjust my post. Thanks for your interest, Cameron
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