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  1. Thanks Bill!, yes, as it was said before, I guess the hardest thing is to keep the arms and strobes in the position you want. I'm not worried about hurting the strobes as I would shoot in quite a low power., I wish I had a pool or a large garage to be able to practice with water. Cheers
  2. Thank you for your answers.I was worried that the angles of the light would be very different out of the water. I got the new reflectors too, and I'm dying to try them.
  3. I wonder if it is worth practicing at home with the strobes. I have a pair of new Retra pro but being locked up at home due to Covid I have not been able to test them in depth. I understand that power will not be the same in air as in water, but I wonder if the effect of light would be similar. What do you think about that?
  4. Hi, I'm writing you from Spain, and I'm very interested in the dome. How much would cost the shipping to Ibiza? Would it be possible to you send me some pictures of it? My e-mail address is joancostag@gmail.com Thanks Joan
  5. I only have the doubt about the ports. I also wonder if you would leave it in 1400$ and I would pay the shipping to Spain. I´m using a Canon 17-40 mm and a Sigma 70mm macro lens. I wonder if the ports you have for sell are useful for this lenses. Anyway, you can send me pictures at my mail: joancostag@gmail.com Best Joan
  6. Hello, I´m very interested in this item if is still available. As I´m writting from Spain, I would pay for the shipping
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