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  1. Thank you very much. Nice feed back from Palau. It will be good combination: Chuuk Lagoon + Palau. About Indonesia: Once been in Bunaken and Raja Ampat. Amazing !
  2. Does anybody have personal experiency about Palau and YAP ? Which is better to see fish and coral reefs ? Are they worth to visit anyway ? World class places ? We are planning to go Chuuk Lagoon and it would be nice to visit also there because they are so close ...
  3. Usable with most housing models, especially IKELITE video camera housings. It's like a new one and has been underwater only about 10 - 20 hours. Price: 950 USD + delivery costs. ( new is 1.050 euros ( USD 1.365 ) without delivery costs ). Link to the manufacturer's web site: http://www.aditech-uw.com/en/shop/cat-238-5-77.html I do not need it any more with my new stuff.
  4. I like to buy Gates housing for Canon XA10 / HF-G10 video camera with Wide Angle Port GP32A. I already have the camera, but housing is missing.
  5. 2ge: You can always send a email to them. I called once: it's quite wide angle about 140 degrees if I remember right. The battery is heavy, but then you do not need so much weights and you can locate it with your belt or tank. The actual lamps are light ==> good for the arms. It is very similar than Lightmonkay / SALVO. But it's anyway your money ... I also prefer LEDs but my wallet prefers HIDs. Tec info from the web side: Dimensions 28 × 8,6 cm Burn time (h) ~2 Voltage (V) 11,1 Depth rating (bar) 14 Color temperature (Kelvin) 6000 Capacity (Ah) 20,4 Light Intensity (lumen) 10 000
  6. What about this one http://www.northernlightscuba.fi/product/dual-50w-video-hid/?lang=en 1650 euros from 2 * 5000 lumens.
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