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  1. You need to have close to real color video to begin with before doing any color grading. You're not shooting RAW, so you can't restore color from a green tinted video. First rule of shooting underwater video is learn how to custom white balance.
  2. The FOV of the Osmo Pocket should improved once put into the housing. Besides, there may be more 3rd party accessories once it become more popular. GoPro is really loosing ground lately as they are not able to catch up with the industry innovation so I'm sure everybody is going to jump on DJI eventually.
  3. it's 1/2.3" sensor, but hey, for the price and the right light condition, it could beat a lot of camera!
  4. Thanks Richard, that make sense. Too bad I haven't had the chance to do a night dive with the DM60 yet, otherwise I will be able to gauge how wide the light beam is. What kind of working distance are we talking about with these 12000 lumen cob light when use during the day, say on a sunny day at 90ft? My experience so far is no more than 2-3 ft from the subject.
  5. I have the Archon DM60, which has the flat port, how can you tell it's 90 or 110 degree. The light beam seems quite spread when I use it.
  6. That's just what I thought with the GH5S short coming, the BlackMagic Cinema 4K will have the same issue. The micro jitters could be smooth out in post such as using warp stabilizer, but you would have to sacrifice 5% of resolution to crop. Ideally a camera that do not have IBIS should shoot at 4.5K so there would be plenty of room to crop for stabilization in post.
  7. Grouper season just wrapped up, glad that I got some good footage this year without hurricane interruption. The dive condition could be challenge most of the time, but every now and then, you can some decent calm sea, but visibility could still be bad: Shot with Panasonic LX-100, two Archon WM66 light, and Opteka 0.3x lens (modified).
  8. What do you guys think of the shortcoming of not having IBIS? I know a guy who said the IBIS in the GH5 made shooting video super great. Those who have GH5 and GH5S, how bad is the IBIS difference? I have been shooting video seriously for about 3 years, most time I can get the footage stable depends on dive condition and how relax I am. However, 90% of the time I still get micro jitters shake regardless how I configure my rig to make it neutral/slightly negative. IBIS would have taken care of these micro jitters.
  9. Depends on the price of the housing, the Pocket Cinema 4K probably is not that attractive due to the fact that it doesn't have IBIS. The Panasonic full frame has IBIS, even thought it will be twice the price of the Cinema 4K, but the Panasonic full frame seems to be more "future proof" for a while in term of image quality.
  10. There is just a bit of confusion in term of the camera line up roadmap. The Panasonic S1 and S1R is 4K60fps. But isn't Panasonic has the goal to create 8K camera by 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan? If they release S1 and S1R in 2019, would a 8K camera release in 2020? That seems to be too close in term of flagship camera roadmap. I don't think 3/4 sensor is capable of doing 8K, so I don't think they will put 8K on GH6. I'm just surprise the S1 and S1R doesn't do 8K as it could give RED for a run of competition.
  11. Eventually somebody will make an adapter convert Canon lens to L-mount so as long as the camera body is popular and in demand, it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. I have 3 brand new Archon WM66 for sell. I purchased them in bulk so I have extra. I'm currently using two of this and just got done testing it with the Goliath Groupers in South Florida. You can PM me if interested. There is no sample or review of the Archon WM66 yet so I should be the first one who post the sample soon. The performance of the Archon WM66 is similar to the "Scubalamp v6k pro" which you will see plenty of sample and some satisfied discussion here in Wetpixel. Here is more info about the Archon WM66 (my price will be a lot cheaper than the MSRP) http://www.archonlight.com/archon-cob-diving-video-light-wm66.html If you want light for video, the Archon WM66 is a good budget setup for 12000 lumen and CRI 95. It however only have 2 power settings and doesn't have fancy features like red light or UV light. Also, when using powerful light, make sure to either turn off the light, or point it down when not using it as the light will create a lot annoyance to other divers.
  13. There is a report that the battery life is better than expected. I hope the housing companies make room to put in the external SSD, as that will save you $2000 to buy CF card that's fast enough to shoot RAW. The focus mechanism of the BMPCC4K is basically just like using "Back button focus", it's the style I have been using for years. The deal breaker for me is no any sort of IS. Panasonic will announce their Full Frame camera on Sept 26, so it seems like every few months we have something new to look forward to. There is no point to pre-order the BMPCC4K at this point.
  14. Strange, people in South East Asia already get their BPCC4K?This one is from Thailand:
  15. May be you flooded the LX100 II and you have your old LX100 Mark 1 as back up, so now you need to configure the housing to take the old Mark 1? If the part require the user to send the housing to Nauticam repair shop to install then it would be an issue.
  16. That's good, I wonder if the part is easy enough to add/remove on the field so that the user can use LX100 and LX100 II if they need to switch out quickly.
  17. The only reason to upgrade to the LX100 M2 is the new color rendering as it's taken from GH5, and should be closer to Canon's color. Without 5-axis OIS and 60fps, it's a very minor upgrade for videographer. If the price drop to $799, and fit the existing NA-LX100 housing, it's worth to get as a spare, otherwise, wait for GH6 or BlackMagic Cinema 4K. The BlackMagic Cinema 4K is only $300 more than the LX100 M2, but offer a hell lot more features when come to video.
  18. Yes, the review I read so far say the M2 upgrade is for photographers. I shot video so the upgrade doesn't benefit me much. So I'm still going to keep an eye on the Black Magic Cinema 4K, or GH6. GH6 could be announce late next year, before 2020 Olympic.
  19. A lot of review to go through: https://www.43rumors.com/panasonic-lx100ii-officially-announced/ Still waiting and see if Nauticam can confirm the existing housing is compatible. There is no 60 fps, no 5-axis IS, the only attractive change is the higher megapixel and using the color rendering from GH5. It won't be an upgrade for me.
  20. As I'm looking for V6K Pro price, I come across another competitor: Archon DM60. Archon is more established than SUPE/Scubalamp, and is cheaper (too good to be true?). Anyone seen the Archon light in action? Can't find it in youtube.
  21. Diving Express: https://shop.divingexpress.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=4208 I never bought from them before so I'm still hesitate even though Paypal offer buyer protection. The V6K Pro is around $900 normal price nowaday and can't find it on ebay anymore.
  22. Thanks! The high CRI do show! So I assume the battery hold its charge well? I'm concern about these Chinese made lights with 18650 batteries as the battery quality could be questionable.
  23. The V6K Pro price has gone up, but I manage to find a site that have it on sales. How is the V6K Pro light hold up for you guys now that most of you have it for more than 6 months? V4K light is almost impossible to find. They are marketing their P53 light a lot which I think is not powerful enough.
  24. If you want to use camcorder, then you will have to look for housing first. Once you found a housing company (i.e. Gate), then look at their product line up and see what camcorder do they make housing for, then go from there. Sadly, consumer camcorder housing choices are rare now.
  25. The RV100VI is still over price for what it has to offer compare to my current Panasonic LX100. I would rather wait for the LX200, or even the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K before considering the next GH series camera because the GH camera price is getting high. Canon will have better mirrorless coming out soon so consumers will have more choice compare to 2 years ago.
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