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  1. Selling in mint condition my Olympus 9-18mm with hood and B+W MRC UV and Polarizer.
    Plus Nauticam 4 inch dome Nauticam part # 36137
    Comes with rear cap and front neoprene cover and spare o-ring. Will include the Nauticam Zoom Gear for O1442-Z Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm & 9-18 Lenses.
    ALL for $700 FIRM for ALL shipped in the USA.
    if you like the Lens separate please pm me. Thank you

    The gear retails for $150 and the dome $450 new. All is in like new condition. From a smoke free home.

    I ship insured USPS priority mail (2-3 days delivery)

    Feedback here on Wetpixel, Scubaboard and other forums, please pm with questions.
    I accept bank transfer, check or cash if you are local in Austin or Houston TX, I do NOT accept Paypal.



  2. I bought a Nauticam NA-EM1 housing with vacum moisture protection installed from member, ScubaNomad, in the classifieds. His description of the housing was accurate and included all accessories from Nauticam. Other than blacking out the Nauticam Logo with paint, it would have been hard to say the housing wasn't new in the box. Dan shipped the housing the next day after receiving my payment, USPS Priority Mail, arriving in 2 days. He was easy to speak with and answered all my questions regarding the housing by email and phone. I found him to be an honest, accomodating Seller who immediately took care to ship out my housing and offer his experience and suggestions on using it. Fantastic Seller!! Highly Recommended!!

    Thank you. Likewise, a fantastic buyer, easy and clear communication and prompt payment. Thank you again for buying my housing and enjoy it.

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  3. Selling my Fix Neo DX Video 2000, in great condition. Asking $400 for it shipped in the US.
    Nothing wrong with it, works perfect, never flooded, no scratches in the glass. Always rinsed with fresh water after diving. Its approx. 1 year old, was purchased new from Reef Photo, have all receipts. Comes with Charger and spare battery (2 total) that can be plugged in either in the light or into the battery direct, comes in original box and all accessories as shown.

    I just have to quit diving for now and therefore it would only sit around so I sell it for my baby fund :-)
    comes from a smoke free home
    I ship insured USPS priority mail (2-3 days delivery)
    I accept bank transfer, check or cash if you are local in Austin or Houston TX, I do NOT accept Paypal.
    Please pm with questions.Thanks







  4. Selling my Nauticam NA-EM1 housing, approx. 1 year old, 30 dives. Nothing wrong with it, I just have to quit diving for now and therefore the housing would only sit around so I sell it for my baby fund :-)
    Comes with the Vacuum check valve installed and hand pump. Everything works great, has always been rinsed after every dive and soaked after every dive trip. Comes from a smoke free home.
    Asking $1300 shipped in the USA please pm if interested.

    Also the have the Nauticam 4 inch dome 36137 , no scratches. Comes with rear cap and front neoprene cover and spare o-ring.
    Asking $300 shipped.

    Have feedback on Scubaboard.
    I ship insured USPS priority mail (2-3 days delivery)
    I accept bank transfer, check or cash if you are local in Austin or Houston TX, I do NOT accept Paypal.




  5. Selling my Big Blue FF1X5 PLUS 450 Lumens Light, color Blue :-) comes with the ball mount and 4 AA Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries. Used it for about 3 years, works great and never flooded. No longer have the box or handle for it but the ball mount is mounted. Makes for a great focus light or dive light.
    Selling it for US$ 100 shipped insured USPS priority within the USA.

    Many transactions on scubaboard - all positive feedback!

    More details listed here http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/classifieds-photography/477634-big-blue-ff1x5-plus-450-lumens-focus-light.html

  6. Thought I'd share some of my best shots from Sabah, Thailand, Indonesia. All taken with the E-M5 and in the Nauticam housing (which is for sale btw since I upgraded to the E-M1 now.
    Taken with either the 9-18mm ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens or 60mm Macro all in the same 4" Mini Dome








  7. As I'm changing system, I'm selling my Nauticam NA-EM5 housing with Easy Flex Tray left handle and original hand strap on the right for Olympus OM-D E-M5 US$1000 incl. shipping in the USA. WITHOUT Dome! Includes all the original Nauticam stuff incl the Allen wrenches, spare O-ring and lube. All in original box. Housing was purchased in May 2013.
    Never flooded, used for 30 dives.
    No Paypal, please contact me for payment details. Please see my references on Scubaboard. Thank you.






  8. I do have the 5D MK III and my great lenses. I am VERY happy with it.

    Now for travel I am contemplating getting a spare body.

    So if I were to buy a 6D or 5D2 it would not fit in the housing if my 5DIII breaks. So I would have to get a spare 5DIII body (Costly)

    Or if the worst thing happens and the 5D3 breaks, send it off to the Locale Canon repair center whereever I am traveling in and wait until its repaired. In the meantime use a phone (no underwater photos) or buy a cheap PS camera while I wait for the repair.

    Anyone has experience with it and how do you approach it? Thanks




    @ Scubanomad, if ever you are in Montreal, I will be my pleasure to give you a tour of our manufacture, we are minutes from the airport and its aerospatial complex and my office is directly attached to the shop. (but come in the summer, winter can be a shocking experience up here :o).

    Thank you very much Jean, I gladly take your invitation and will contact Aquatica via email in regards to a visit this summer, not certain if you sell from the factory as well vs me having afterwards to visit one of your authorized dealers. Thanks again and you'll hear from me soon.

  10. I’d suggest a Nauticam factory visit Scubanomad, as your opinions are woefully ill-informed.

    where's the address? In Room 2203 in your Telekom Tower? You're joking right? Like I said, look at reputable companies, they are not hiding behind a room number in a tower! Aka Mercedes, Canon, Nikon, Aquatica, Subal they all have a true address I can go visit.

  11. I can make my choice based on whatever reason I SEE FIT. Yes the photo site and Flickr acct are associated with me. And yes, I had an Olympus OM-D E-M5 for a good 6 months incl. the Nauticam housing. Had nothing really against that particular housing, just the camera, hence I sold it. As in my opinion the OM-D was overhyped and had various flaws (incl cracked screen bazel) that nobody seemed to want to write about, it slowely all came to light. Whether you have a Apple product or not and like it, fact is some western companies choose to make their products now in China and with it goes the quality and cheap labor to rake in HUGE profits without regard to the laborers (aka Foxcomm comes to mind). I do not support such companies if I have a choice. And I can choose and make my decision how I see fit. I don't have local dealers to walk in and test housings out, hence I have to rely on information that is available, photos, videos, specs, reputation.

    I like to see a company that has a REAL business address (the headquarters where they actually engineer and or make their product) and not a hidden office in a tower that when you go there you have just a name on a door bell. Shows me a lot. Ever looked up Canon? http://www.canon.com/corp/list.html


    Mercedes: http://www.daimler.com/dccom/0-5-1037142-1-1333344-1-0-0-0-0-0-92-7145-0-0-0-0-0-0-0.html


    Corporate Headquarters

    3025 De Baene
    Montréal, Québec, Canada
    H4S 1K8


    I will not engage in a political discussion here, I made up my mind based on mainly Drew's great review, information I had already gathered, reputation from the past, photos and videos (not dive videos but actual housing reviews and they are scarce). I had my hopes on Nauticam based on the optical trigger option but that is just prototype still 6 months + later. Extra cost is another thing I could not justify and having discovered the made in China for sure that broke the straw for good.

    So long, Drew, Rocha and famorim thanks for the feedback and helping. Moderator if you like close the thread.

  12. thank you Drew for the detailed inside. Something else that just added to my concern besides the Nauticam controls being "cluttered" Nauticam USA is JUST an importer and the housing is actually made in China. Without offending anyone, but precision tools made in China, No but NO thanks.

    FYI Nauticam Intl sits in a room 2203 in a Telekom Building. Guess what happens if you need a repair done?

    Aquatica is CANADIAN made, the high price actaully being justified for a precision made tool.

    So Aquatica it is for me, proofen reliability and simplicity plus Made in Canada with a REAL address.

  13. Does anyone house their 5D Mark III in a Aquatica housing? I see some ppl have opted for the Nauticam and are happy. Cost of the Aquatica is less would help with the dome buying.

    The Nauticam has the optical flibre connection but seems not a production ready hotshoe ready LED to actually work with it. So if that is the extra $$$ I'm spending its not that worth to me.

    Just curious if there are some that have gotten the Aquatica housing, a well known established brand long before Nauticam came to market. Ergonimics and layout of buttons is obviously different for each person's taste, I guess would have to get used to either one.

    But I prefer my buttons to be where they are actually on the camera (as I know where they are then) not moved all "jammed" for thumb operation.


  14. Getting quotes for my setup but am confused now should I get the 5D Mark III Sea & Sea MDX-5D (cheaper and lighter) or Nauticam NA-5DMKIII and why?
    Here is one reply I had but am not really understanding what is meant by the bulkhead of Nauticam being sealed?
    Sea & Sea have some issues with the design (sync cord connection in particular). We have had much more success with Nauticam... Sea & Sea only has one bulkhead for flash cable attachment, and the design is set up so that if it were to fail water will come directly into the housing. Nauticam comes with two, and the bulkheads are sealed so a failure there would protect the camera.

    To me they both have the bulkhead mounted on the top, how is the Nauticam sealed vs the one from Sea and Sea?
    Thanks anyone.

  15. No, I don't think so. I haven't got my rig yet. I like the 12-50 a lot, but I will get the 60 for 1:1 or greater macro. Now take out that great rig of yours and makes us some pictures.





    Would love to (want to pay for my dive trip?) LOL :-)

    Don't have another dive trip scheduled until early next year. Sorry.

    I only had my rig recently in Ibiza Balearic islands spain but only snorkeled without the strobe.

    Here is a photo:


  16. Thought I'd share here is my setup:

    Finally got around taking a photo of my new Rig. housing for the new Olympus OM-D E-M5

    with 60mm f2.8 Macro lens

    in Nauticam 4” Wide Angle Port. Using Sea and Sea strobe YS-01

    and Big Blue LED Focus light. Also using the Olympus M ED 9-18mm f/4.0-5.6 micro Four Thirds Lens

    in the same Nauticam 4” Wide Angle Port.


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