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  1. James, Looking forward to seeing some more pictures from your Hawaii trip. I've just got back from Red Sea and my pictures with Oly4040 on static subjects were OK. But on anything thing that moved the autofocus just cant cope and it refuses to take a picture or takes when fish is out of frame !!
  2. Go this mail from 10Bar in HongKong. ============================= Dear Jonathan, Thank you for your interest in our 10 Bar Underwater Housings. Please note that the design of the 10 Bar Underwater Housings is unique inthe market. A special air lock system is used to give a even spreadof the external pressure on the o-ring thus provide a perfect seal andrequire no catch or clip. Please be advised that the Fuji 6900Z camera s not in our production list, but we can custom made the Fuji 6900z camera housingsfor you and should be ready within 3 weeks after confirmation of an order. We could provide all essential functions that you need on the surface as well as underwater.You see and feel the same even underwater as our housing is transparent and the controls are mechanic.Our price is US$880which includes the essential accessories such as red filter, lite bracket and carrying bag. Regards, Ada 10 Bar Underwater Housings Unit B, 19-23 Ming Yuen Western St.,North Point, Hong Kong Tel.: (852) 2573 3228, 8200 0772Fax: (852) 2811 9180 Web Page: http://www.10bar.com E-mail: service@10bar.com
  3. Got this reply from Zillion. Not good news. ======================= Dear Dr. Knights, Thank you for your inquiry. Mr. Kojima of Zillion has asked me to reply. The Zillion housing for FinePix6900Z is available in Japan but is not available for export. The reasons are as follows: 1) The housing is hand made (thermoformed) from acrylic sheets. Acrylic has low impact resistance. 2) There is some chance that acrylic housings may be damaged in the course of heavy use, thereby requiring service/repair. 3) Since the housing would need to be returned to Japan for service and then returned to user, at substantial cost just for the shipping fees, Zillion's policy is to not export the acrylic housings. Zillion is exporting the following models, which are made of polycarbonate, and much more durable: 1) FpCute for FinePix 4500 and 40i 2) FpBlitz for FinePix 4800z and 6800z 3) FpBlitz for FinePix 50i At this time there is no designated dealer in the UK. We could ship you the polycarbonate models listed above if you have further interest. Best regards, -Mark Rupert
  4. Has anyone found a housing that is designed for the Fuji 6900 digital camera. I have a Subal N80 housing that I use with a Nikon F801/N8008 but it is very large and heavy. I have actually managed to take photos using the 6900 in the Subal housing but would like to have more features available e.g ability to see LCD monitor, zoom, etc. I dive to 40m/130ft regularly so would need a housing that was 'safe' at this depth. Thanks
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