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  1. We are selling our compact Panasonic Lumix LX10 4K Underwater Camera Setup with Nauticam Housing, Macro converter with bayonet port and also have optional extras of spare camera body still in box and 128GB SD memory card as well as Nauticam Wide Angle Conversion Wet Lens (WWL-1) The setup has barely even used due to a lack of opportunity to do so and is in pristine condition, comes with carry cases and all, we simply do not get enough use from it to make it worthwhile, would be great to see it go to a better home. Price for the basic setup not including optional extras is A$3,000 and the optional extras are Nauticam Wide Angle Lens (WWL-1) A$1,500 and spare camera body with SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB SD Memory Card us A$800. Message me for more details or to make an offer, info@migrationmedia.com.au. Setup will be in Australia next month or can ship anywhere worldwide at buyers expense.
  2. Selling Aquatech Elite Sport Surf Housing for Nikon D810 dSLR including pistol grip. Trying to sell as a package including various ports and Pelican case to suit all commonly used Nikon lens configurations pictured here with Nikon SB-900 Speedlight and Aquatech Housing for Nikon SB-900 Speedlight. Total package including everything is A$3,000 OBO. All cables and connectors are all complete and included. Selling this with regret due to Nikon D810 dSLR camera body being stolen and I currently do not use this housing enough to make it worthwhile buying anew camera body and keeping hold of the underwater setup. Everything works well and is in excellent condition. Open to selling ports and Strike Flash Housing separately if i receive interest and offers. List below of everything included: Aquatech Elite Underwater Housing for Nikon D810 dSLR and leash Aquatech Pistol Grip and Trigger with cable (includes both Focus & Trigger Buttons) Aquatech Strike Housing and Nikon SB-900 Speedflash Aquatech LP-1N Dome Port (for Nikon super wide fisheye lenses) Aquatech LP-1 Dome Port (combined with extensions supports 16-35mm) Aquatech P65 & 100 Flat Lens Ports (combined with extensions supports most common standard and telephoto lenses) Aquatech 25 Extension Ring Aquatech Zoom Gear for Nikon 16-35mm f/4 Interested parties can contact me via email info@migrationmedia.com.au. Feel free to email with more questions or price offers for breakdown gear. Willing to ship internationally at buyers cost.
  3. Hi, I have sent an email regarding the purchase of your video monitor, still available and for sale?
  4. Hi Red Sea Pictures. I would like to buy this monitor, please email me info@migrationmedia.com.au to arrange details. Thank you
  5. Hi seeesharky. I am looking for US $50,000 which in Australia (as that is where i a based) converts to AU $60,000.
  6. With a heavy heart we must sell our full turnkey RED Epic Dragon 6k camera setup for above and below water filming. We have taken a long-term contract in PNG which does not involve much filming so our full setup is not getting enough use and want it to go to a better home. It has been well looked after, stored in pelican cases and will be dearly missed. Interested buyers can email me on info@migrationmedia.com.au to discuss pricing and options, I have lots more photos of the gear and accessories but limited to uploading only 1MB here. I will be in Australia in March so can arrange shipping from there. System includes the following but lots of addition extra: FOR TOPSIDE: RED EPIC Dragon Brain (new sensor and I/O Board) RED 1.8" 512GB SSD's x2 with anti-static cases and soft case REDMAG 1.8" Media Station RED Switchblade-M & REDMOTE PagLink PL96e 96KW Batteries x2 (can connect to achieve 192KW) PagLink PL16 Smart Charger & PagLink Travel Charger RED BOMB EVF with Mounting Assembly RED 5" Touchscreen Monitor RED Low Light OLPF Wooden Camera Lens Support RED Tactical Top Plate, Handles & other mounting solutions RED Adaptor Module, +1 Adaptor Module & RED Quickplate Module Wooden Camera A-Box Audio Module RED DSMC Nikon Lens Mount FOR UNDERWATER: ACHTEL DEEP-X Underwater Camera Housing 15mm, 28mm and 35mm Underwater Nikonos Lenses Helix Macro 1:2, 1:1 & 2:1 Extensions for close-up macro work with 28mm and 35mm Nikonos lenses Small HD 502 & DP4 Monitor Nauticam Small HD DP4 External Monitor Housing Achtel True Blue OLPF Underwater Hydrophone Vacuum Pump and Meter for secure underwater use Custom Pelican Case 1" Ball Mounts for video lights For those that do not know about this housing, it is super precision lightweight housing with titanium handles and controls that allow use of the specialized Nikonos Underwater Lenses which are distortion free capable of out resolving the RED Epic sensors removing the need for glass ports and extensions.These lenses offer the highest quality for underwater filming and have aperture and focus adjustment on the lens itself. Pawel Achtel has won several prestigious awards for this innovative design housing which is incredibly easy to use, streamlined through the water and available to use as carry on luggage through custom Pelican case. See below link for full details. You will have a Small HD 502 monitor connected through SDI connection inside the housing and then the Small HD DP4 monitor connected through HDMI with external Nauticam monitor housing allowing various false colour, focus peaking and RAW viewing options. http://24x7.com.au/DeepX/index.htm In addition for those interested, I have a DJI Ronin with Cinegears Expresso Follow Focus system and Paralinx Arrow which allows full control of RED Epic, lens focus and framing by a second operator/director/producer. Please email me if interested in this also for pictures and for information.
  7. Selling perfect condition 60mm AF macro port with front and back cover for Aquatica housing. Based in Australia but willing to ship anywhere at buyers expense. Looking for US $200 or AUS $250. Call or email Ed 0481276316 info@migrationmedia.com.au.
  8. Hey Spyros.spyrou, it will not work with D7200 sorry but yes lens is very clean and clear, perfect glass. Shutter count is 38,352 BTW
  9. Selling our well used Aquatica AD7000 underwater housing with glass mini-dome including the Nikon d7000 (Shutter Count 38,352) with Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye lens. Comes with spare Nikon D7000 base for aquatica housing, zoom gear for Tokina 10-17mm FE, SanDisk Extreme 90MB/s 16MB SD card and original Nikon EN-EL15 battery and charger. Housing and port has front and rear caps as well as the camera and lens. Based in Western Australia but happy to ship at buyers expense. Aquatica Mini-dome is perfect optically with nothing visual showing in photos or video but has wear on the port as seen in the image attached. Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye in immaculate condition. All functions on housing work perfectly and has a 5-PIN bulkhead and fiber optic bulkhead. We have only used fiber optic bulkhead and works great. Can include sea & sea fiber optic cable for strobe free of charge if interested. Looking for US$1250 or AU$1750 ONO for complete setup and will not separate. Contact Ed on 0481276316 or Hayley on 0406273306 or email info@migrationmedia.com.au. Happy to answer any questions.
  10. I'll take it can u ship to Western Australia? Need it asap. Email me info@migrationmedia.com.au. Cheers. Ed
  11. Hi i am based in WA. Would you be willing to sell housing and wide angle port only?
  12. Is this still for sale? PM INFO@MIGRATIONMEDIA.COM.AU
  13. Still for sale? PM info@migrationmedia.com.au
  14. how much for the two strobes alone? where are you based? PM info@migrationmedia.com.au
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