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  1. Very lightly used, was my backup rig. Few saltwater, few freshwater dives, cleaned and stored in ac for most of its life. Lens is old and works fine. Has a flood sensor. Will include a single strobe cable, might be able to find a dual sync cable but if so, it will be little used, not as pristine as the camera and housing. $1000 shipped in us
  2. I'm not familiar with that brand of strobes. I mostly agree with buy once cry once, but with caves you have to remember that strobes might have a hard life. Try to buy used so you don't cry when one floods. So I like 3-6 year old used, top of the line model, more than new mid grade or low grade. That way you get a lot of light but save money. I like Ikelite ds125 because you can get them used for a good price. The latest manual triggers are ok but if you are starting from scratch I would use triggerfish instead. Those will last a long time even if the strobe breaks. Mounting to tanks is nice but hand held gives you flexibility. I don't comunicate much with models, you just show them samples and explain the rule to keep the flash pointed away. The sample shots help a lot to give them an idea of what looks good. More than 2 strobes off camera and it's a working dive instead of a casual dive where you also take picture. Ds125 and 160 on full, diver held it too close to himself This model used to hold the strobe too close in every shot, I showed her some samples from another diver and now she gets it! Strobe mounted to back of rebreather Tank mount means you can't easily flip the strobe for back shots like this.
  3. Several years old, they worked last time I used them, but they weren't lasting very long, hence the low price. Includes one charger for lithium in great shape. $75 shipped in USA
  4. Uw3d, you are acting silly. Granted, I really hate when I call dibs and then someone else gets the item, but your response is a little over the top. Don't waste moderator time with complaints like this. Good luck on finding a new camera and housing, hope you come across another good deal. In my case Im looking for a jacuzzi and I've had 2 people sell to someone else after making arrangements with me, my buddy with a trailer is getting tired of me!
  5. A few months ago I posted my disdain for the Ikelite 4403 triggers, which had an abyssmal trigger rate. Ikelite very generously swapped for a new version that is only for non pre flash triggering, and I have to admit they work pretty well. Still not as good as the ev manual controllers, but it's night and day compared to the older 4403. I'm once again getting usable slave strobe shots, at 80 or 90% of the ev manual controller rate, works well enough for me. Ikelite customer service is incredible and reminds me why I'm so glad to shoot all Ikelite gear.
  6. Bought these on accident thinking they were 4403... They look unused but probably were used by previous owner. These are the version that work with fiber optic cables, not the remote version. No cables to include, though. $50 each $95 for both, US shipping included
  7. I love Ikelite gear and really think it might be me. I used to love Ikelite EV Manual Controllers. They triggered reliably, almost no issues, but now I have broken most of them and I've moved on to the 4403 slave triggers. I remember chatting with Ikelite at Dema after they announced the first version of 4403 triggers and explaining how they should make the same version but with a bigger window so you could use them for remote triggering, and I was so glad when they released that product. But i can't get the darn things to trigger! One out of every 30-60 shots, at a distance of 5-15 feet, in clear water caves of Florida, results in the slave strobe firing at all. Every shot, 100%, on land in a dark room, at similar distances, works fine. I don't know what to do, other than dumping the Ikelite gear for slave strobes and moving to TriggerFish, but I don't want 2 types of strobes, and I really, really love Ikelite gear. But if I can't get remote strobes to work, consistently, then I have no option. Cave photographry without working slave strobes, is boring. Anyone have 4403 triggers working in caves?
  8. I decided to hold onto it for now as a backup as I moved out of the country
  9. I can loan you a d7000 housing and body, please contact me with a phone number so we can get it in your hands.
  10. Make sure you seat them by hand, and hold while you screw the but on, it's for holding together, not putting together I have 2 spare dual cords and three single cords but I have yet to break one and I drag this kit around the world and through caves... I have cracked and flooded two ds125 heads though...
  11. I have 5 strobes and have never bent a pin...align, push, hold and screw... Not sure how you bend them.
  12. You know, you could get a marker strobe, put it up to an optical trigger, cover it with some tape or neoprene, and use the marker strobe to trick the trigger into firing the main strobe. I never thought about that before but in a low flow cave you could make that work!
  13. But fried parrot fish is very popular here in DR, I imagine they will just fish from outside territorial waters? Never seen shark or rays here for sale but parrot fish always...
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