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  1. Hi, I am thinking of purchasing the F.I.T LED 2000, for my s100, fix housing and subsea +5 setup. If anybody is using this light i would appreciate any feedback regarding build quality, and general usage. Cheers Kieran
  2. kieran


    Thanks chaps. mmmmm rock and a hard place, would like to purchase a strobe to last (s2000) and a suitable lens but want to ensure i have enough light to focus but cant afford it all.....damn it with these expensive hobbies. k
  3. Hi folks, Please could people offer advice regarding the use of a subsee + 5 with a compact P&S and using a dive torch as a focus light. Having read through the past forums two main issues arise because I'm a bit stupid/easily confused and a kinaesthetic learner. What size range of critters (all of the critter) will i be able to shoot with a subsee +5 directly mounted on my Fix S100 housing? Will an inexpensive dive torch used as a focus light and my inexperience prove too frustrating and would the Inon UCL 165(or equivalent) be a better bet, albeit less magnification. I would like to add that i enjoy a challenge. cheers Kieran
  4. kieran


    Thanks steve, Please could you tell me if you have any experience with the INON UCL-165M67 Close-up Lens? Would this be similar to the subsee +5 you use? Also how about this as a set up (with my fix housing) but use a 3-way clamp and arm instead of the 2 way pictured to mount a dive torch as basic focus light? http://www.fun-in.com.tw/oc/image/cache/data/NB_Canon_S100_Pro_Hotshoe_w_INON_Set/IMG_2585-1000x1000.jpg any advice welcome. Cheers Kieran
  5. kieran


    Hi folks, Having recently returned from a trip to Philippines where i took my first underwater photos i have some questions. I was using s100 and FIX housing, shooting in manual, using the built in flash and no lenses. Please see pics http://morefromzhongguo.weebly.com/underwater-photos.html (feedback much appreciated) I had alot of fun and learnt alot! The biggest problem i had was getting the S100 to focus and the obvious limitations of the flash and lens. I am starting to think about the next items i would like to add and i am seeking advice. I am going to continue my underwater education by shooting macro. Please could people offer suggestions for a close up lens to fit my 52mm or 67mm port. Budget options ideally. Please tell me if this a daft idea but i would like to mount a S2000 strobe and focus light (dive torch) onto the housing via the cold shoe mount. This will keep things small and allow for single handed operation. Any advice regarding the items required would be greatly appreciated. PS - Malapascua was fantastic, a really quirky beautiful island where the dive business and the locals worked in harmony. We used Thresher Shark Divers and they were excellent. Employing local DMs, boat crew, hospitatlity staff etc. A fantastic week and a real priviledge to see the Thresher sharks. Many thanks Kieran
  6. once again thank you all for your thoughts. We leave in 3 weeks very excited. My fix s100 housing is en route as i type and i am thoroughly looking forward to taking my first underwater images. cheers
  7. Hi, Has anybody got a Fix s100 housing for sale? kjfawcett@gmail.com Regards Kieran
  8. Hey Folks, A group of 7 of us are taking a well deserved break in the Philippines for Christmas. We would like to hear any suggestions on areas to stay in either Peurto Galera or Anilao, (Mabini?) Some of us dive, all of us snorkel, so we are looking for somewhere laid back and not too resorty/touristy but good for diving but are not fussy about being close to dive shops. Thoughts please!
  9. Hey folks, I am starting to research what strobe to purchase for my fix housing and canon s100. I would like to keep my rig as compact as possible. I am liking the look of the Inon S2000. I do not have any wet lens at the moment but do intend to purchase in the future. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks Kieran
  10. Hi my name is Kieran, i am from Bristol in the UK but live and work in Beijing, China. Just getting started with UW photography using a canon s100.
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